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20-AP Wireless Controller Data Sheet
Reliable, Secure and Scalable Wireless Controller for Mid-sized Businesses, Schools
and Hospitals
The NETGEAR ProSafe 20-AP Wireless Controller WC7520 offers a high-performance and
fully-featured Wireless LAN architecture to meet the demands of medium-sized businesses,
schools, and hospitals with thousands of users. Focusing on ease-of-use, the WC7520 Controller
simplifies wireless deployments and network management with best-in-class wireless reliability,
coverage, and performance. The scalable WC7520 Controller enables businesses to grow their
wireless network as needed with a dramatic return on investment, with optional licenses that
support their changing needs. Via licensing upgrades, the ProSafe Wireless Controller scales
up to 50 access points (AP). For larger deployments, the WC7520 Controller is stackable up
to three units, supporting up to 150-APs, including controller redundancy. Meeting the next
generation needs of larger installations, the WC7520 Controller delivers central wireless
management, integrated wireless mobility, robust top-end security and rich converged services
such as L2/L3 fast roaming, guest access captive portal and Voice over Wi-Fi support. Built to
last, the WC7520 Controller is backed by a Lifetime Warranty and delivers enterprise-class
connectivity and secure wireless LAN functionality.
Scalable Architecture
The WC7520 Controller natively supports 20 APs and is upgradable in 10-AP increments up to
a total of 50 APs via WC7510L licenses. Stackable up to three controllers, a WC7520 Controller
stack can support 150 access points with a single interface. Importantly, the WC7520 offers
redundancy for always-on reliability and peace of mind.
Centralized Management
Deployed as an overlay on the existing wired network infrastructure, the NETGEAR ProSafe
20-AP Wireless Controller simplifies the network management by providing a single point of
management for the entire wireless network. Easy to set up, the WC7520 Controller discovers
all supported access points in the network, even across VLANs and subnets. Once identified, the
access points are provisioned to dependent access points in minutes. Building floor plans can be
used to visualize live coverage and heat maps of the wireless network.
Robust Security
With identity-based security features such as support for RADIUS, Active Directory and internal
or external AAA server, NETGEAR ProSafe 20-AP Wireless Controller truly unifies wired and
wireless access without compromising on security. Management VLAN is configurable and up
to 8 security configuration profiles (SSID, 802.11i security, VLAN, ACLs, radio parameters) can
be active. Rogue AP detection permits rogue APs classifi cation (friendly or hostile). Standard RADIUS
compliance enables support for third-party authentication and billing system implementation.
Scheduled wireless on/off times permits the wireless network to be completely unavailable
during specified non-business hours.
Guest Access, Captive
Portal and Logging
Guest access allows restricted access to the network, using an integrated captive portal. Two
methods of entry are provided, either assisted or self certified. In the assisted model, the
receptionist can create a user name and password for guests in the GUI and the WC7520
Controller hosts a captive portal where guests can enter their pre-configured credentials to gain
access to the network. Alternatively, the WC7520 Controller hosts a guest portal where guests
can register themselves before entering the network. Backend VLAN policies ensure restricted
access to guests, prohibiting them any access to the sensitive data on the corporate network.
Guest activity logs are available.
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