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Installation Guide
Wireless Digital Media Player MP115
Start Here
Follow these quick steps to install your MP115.
Make sure that you have the following:
A wireless (802.11b or 802.11g) or Ethernet network
One or more computers running Windows 98SE, 2000, ME or XP
Broadband Internet service (recommended)
Have your Network Name (SSID) and security settings handy.
Firewalls can interfere with or block MP115 performance. If you are running
Windows XP, Service Pack 2, the NETGEAR Wireless Digital Media Player
MP115 Resource CD sets it up to be compatible during installation. If you use
other firewalls, such as ZoneAlarm, set the following ports to be open:
UDP Ports: 1360, 1900
TCP Ports: 1025 – 1035, 3640, 3641, 4000, 4001, 7000 – 7010,
49200 – 49210
The Media server online help includes more information about firewalls.
a. Power on your computer and log in as needed.
b. Insert the Resource CD into the CD drive on the computer. The CD main page
c. Select Install Media Server software.
d. Follow the InstallShield Wizard steps and click Finish when done.
Note: Depending on your location, complimentary 30-day trials for Internet
radio stations may be available for vTuner, Radio@AOL, and Rhapsody. The
Resource CD automatically installs vTuner and Radio@AOL. To use the trial for
Rhapsody, you must select Install Rhapsody from the menu, and complete that
e. Restart your computer and the NETGEAR Media server software automatically
f. Use the Media server software to scan your hard drive to locate your video,
picture, and music files.
Note: You can use the Options tab on the Media server to specify which types of
files you want to include, as described in the Media server online help.
a. Determine which type of cable your television uses:
Composite Video cable and Audio cable (also called RCA Video and
RCA Audio): These two cables are included, and are compatible with most
televisions in the US.
SCART: This cable is often used in Europe and Australia, and is not
included in the package. However, if you have this cable, the MP115 will
recognize it, and you can continue to use these instructions.
S-Video, or Component Video: These cables are not included in the
package, and you will need to change the MP115 settings in order to use
them. See the User Manual on the Resource CD for installation instructions.
b. Connect the MP115 to your television with the correct cables.
MP115, rear panel
Composite Video cable
Audio cable
SCART cable (not included)
Composite Video and Audio Cables:
Connect the Composite Video cable, which has only one jack, to the
port labelled Composite Video on the rear panel of the MP115.
Connect the red and white jacks on the Audio cable into the
corresponding ports labelled Audio on the rear panel of the MP115.
Connect the Composite Video cable and the Audio cable to the corre-
sponding ports on your television.
SCART (cable not included):
Connect one end of your cable to the port labelled SCART on the rear panel
of the MP115. Then connect the other end to your television set.
c. If you have a wired LAN network (not wireless), use an Ethernet cable such as
the one provided in the package to connect the MP115 to your router.
d. Install the two AA batteries that shipped with the product in the remote control.
a. Make sure that the MP115 Media server software is running on your computer.
b. Turn on the television.
c. Connect the MP115 power cord and plug it into an outlet.
The LED on the front of the MP115 lights up to show that it is powered on. The
logo on the upper right corner of the MP115 shows where to aim the remote
Note: The MP115 includes an internal power supply and universal power
adapter. If the power cord that is provided does not fit your power outlet, simply
use a different power cord.
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Installation GuideWireless Digital Media Player MP115Start HereFollow these quick steps to install your MP115. 1. VERIFY THAT BASIC REQUIREMENTS ARE M

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