Netgear 770s Quick Start Guide

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Quick Start
AT&T Unite
Gold contacts
Gold pins
Set Up Your Mobile Hotspot
 Insert the battery.
2) Connect to the Internet
On your laptop or other wireless devices
 Open your Wi-Fi/network connection manager.
 Find your mobile hotspot’s Wi-Fi network name
(UNITE-xxxx) and connect.
 Enter your mobile hotspot’s Wi-Fi password.
 Launch your Internet browser.
Note: The touchscreen goes dark to save power. Press and
release the power button to wake the screen, then tap the
unlock icon to show the screen details.
 Install the back cover.
The battery is pre-charged. When you need to recharge it,
use the USB cable to attach the mobile hotspot to:
• A wall socket, using the wall charger (fastest option)
• The USB port on your laptop
Note: The mobile hotspot comes with a pre-installed SIM card.
Turn on your Mobile Hotspot
 Press and hold the power button for 2 seconds.
Note: The touchscreen displays the hotspot’s Wi-Fi network name and
1) Activate Your Account Online or By Phone
 On a device that is connected to the Internet, go to in the device’s browser.
 Select GoPhone Mobile Hotspot and follow the prompts to create an
By Phone
Call 1-866-707-5550 to activate your new service.
3) Manage Your Account
Check your balance, buy a data package, add money, and more
 Visit or dial 1-866-707-5550.
 For additional information visit us at
Printed in the USA -2400342, Rev. 1
Your Account Passcode
Your Mobile Hotspot device will be assigned a wireless phone number.
• The last four digits of your wireless number will be your account passcode.
You will need this passcode to manage your account.
For security, we recommend you change this to a secure passcode not
related to the wireless number assigned to this device.
Note: To begin using service, please be sure to add sufficient money to cover
the plan you have chosen. If you do not add money to your account within 26
days of activation, your account will be canceled.
Renew your plan
 Your plan automatically renews on your rate plan renewal date. To ensure
continuous service, be sure to have enough money on your account to cover
your rate plan charge.
If you need more data before your rate plan renewal date, you can
purchase a data package.
Add Money to your account
Auto Refill is the easiest way to keep your account active. You choose the day
and amount to refill; your credit/debit card or checking account will be
automatically charged.
 Use a credit/debit card for a one-time refill.
 To load funds from a GoPhone Refill Card, visit or
call 1-866-707-5550. Refill cards are available at retail locations nationwide.
Note: Please be sure to check your Messages for important service reminders
and for passcode resets.
Power/Wake device
External antenna portExternal antenna port
micro USB charging port
LED status indicator
LCD screen
Network indicator
Signal strength
Tap to view alerts
Tap to change display,
mobile broadband and
other settings
Tap to access WPS,
Guest Network and
other options
Tap to view AT&T
Wi-Fi network
name & password
SIM card slot
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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - AT&T Unite

Quick StartAT&T UniteGold contactsGold pinsSet Up Your Mobile Hotspot  Insert the battery.2) Connect to the Internet On your laptop or other wire

Page 2 - Guest Wi-Fi

Basic SettingsChange basic settings on the touchscreen, including:• Adjust screen timeout (Screen)• Hide Wi-Fi network name and password (Screen)• Upd

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