Netgear AirCard 785 Retail unlocked User's Guide

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350 East Plumeria Drive
San Jose, CA 95134
November 2014
AirCard 785 Mobile Hotspot
User Manual
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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - AirCard 785 Mobile Hotspot

350 East Plumeria DriveSan Jose, CA 95134 USANovember 2014202-11486-01AirCard 785 Mobile HotspotUser Manual

Page 2 - Trademarks

Get Started 10AirCard 785 Mobile Hotspot • Wall charger . Use a wall charger with the USB cable to recharge the battery or to power the hotspot from

Page 3 - Contents

Get Started 11 AirCard 785 Mobile HotspotSet Up and Connect to the InternetTo connect to the Internet, you need both a micro SIM card and a battery. T

Page 4 - Chapter 3 Advanced Settings

Get Started 12AirCard 785 Mobile Hotspot Note: The battery comes partially charged and ready to use. When the battery needs recharging, follow the ins

Page 5 - Chapter 5 Specifications

Get Started 13 AirCard 785 Mobile Hotspot4. Replace the battery.5. Replace the hotspot cover.Connect to the HotspotYour computer and other devices c

Page 6 - Get Started

Get Started 14AirCard 785 Mobile Hotspot Tethered ModeYou can use your hotspot in tethered mode (connected to a computer using the USB cable) instead

Page 7 - Know Your Hotspot

Get Started 15 AirCard 785 Mobile HotspotYou might also need to change your APN if you recently made any of these changes:• Changed your rate plan; yo

Page 8 - LCD Screen Elements

Get Started 16AirCard 785 Mobile Hotspot • PAP• CHAP• PAP or CHAP10. Select a product data protocol (PDP):• IPV4• IPV6• IPV4V611. Select a PDP roaming

Page 9 - Accessories

Get Started 17 AirCard 785 Mobile Hotspot3. Enter the password in the Sign In field.The default password is password. The password is case-sensitive.

Page 10 - Important Account Information

Get Started 18AirCard 785 Mobile Hotspot NETGEAR AirCard App for Smartphones and TabletsDownload and use the free NETGEAR AirCard app to view your con

Page 11 - Install the Battery

1922. Use Your HotspotThis chapter explains how to use your hotspot. The chapter covers the following topics:• Monitor Data Usage• Manage WiFi• Set

Page 12 - Install the micro-SIM Card

2AirCard 785 Mobile Hotspot SupportThank you for selecting NETGEAR products. After installing your device, locate the serial number on the label of y

Page 13 - Connect to the Hotspot

Use Your Hotspot 20AirCard 785 Mobile Hotspot Monitor Data UsageYou can monitor data usage using either the LCD screen or the hotspot web page. Visit

Page 14 - Tethered Mode

Use Your Hotspot 21 AirCard 785 Mobile HotspotManage WiFiYou can set up the WiFi radio of the hotspot to meet your WiFi needs by choosing a predefined

Page 15 - Configure APN Details

Use Your Hotspot 22AirCard 785 Mobile Hotspot Note: When you choose a new profile, the hotspot resets. Any devices connected to the hotspot are discon

Page 16 -  To remove an APN:

Use Your Hotspot 23 AirCard 785 Mobile Hotspot5. In the WiFi Profiles list, select a predefined profile or select Custom Setup to choose your own opt

Page 17 - Hotspot Web Page

Use Your Hotspot 24AirCard 785 Mobile Hotspot Add a Wireless Device to Your WiFi NetworkYou can connect up to 15 wireless devices (such as smartphones

Page 18 - Security Credentials

Use Your Hotspot 25 AirCard 785 Mobile Hotspot4. Within two minutes, press the WPS button on the wireless device that you want to connect.Your hotspo

Page 19 - Use Your Hotspot

Use Your Hotspot 26AirCard 785 Mobile Hotspot Set the Maximum Number of Connected DevicesYou can connect up to 15 wireless devices to the hotspot. The

Page 20 - Monitor Data Usage

Use Your Hotspot 27 AirCard 785 Mobile HotspotView or Block Connected UsersYou can view a list of devices that are connected to your hotspot and block

Page 21 - Manage WiFi

Use Your Hotspot 28AirCard 785 Mobile Hotspot  To view a list of blocked devices:1. Launch a web browser from a computer or wireless device that is

Page 22

Use Your Hotspot 29 AirCard 785 Mobile HotspotSet Mobile Broadband Auto Connect OptionsBy default, the hotspot automatically connects to your service

Page 23 - AirCard 785 Mobile Hotspot

3ContentsChapter 1 Get StartedKnow Your Hotspot . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Page 24 - Add a WPS-Enabled Device

Use Your Hotspot 30AirCard 785 Mobile Hotspot Note: If SIM PIN security is enabled, you must enter the SIM PIN before the hotspot can establish a conn

Page 25

Use Your Hotspot 31 AirCard 785 Mobile Hotspot5. Select the message.6. Click the Delete button.View AlertsYour hotspot displays alerts to advise you

Page 26

Use Your Hotspot 32AirCard 785 Mobile Hotspot 4. Follow the instructions in each alert to address the conditions that caused it to display.Extend Bat

Page 27 - View or Block Connected Users

Use Your Hotspot 33 AirCard 785 Mobile Hotspot5. Adjust any of these settings in the WiFi Options supported section:• WiFi Info on Home:- Show displa

Page 28 -  To unblock a device:

Use Your Hotspot 34AirCard 785 Mobile Hotspot 2. Enter http://netgear.aircard or login screen displays.3. Enter the password in

Page 29

Use Your Hotspot 35 AirCard 785 Mobile HotspotRecharge the BatteryThe battery comes partially charged. You can recharge the battery from a wall socket

Page 30 - View Messages

Use Your Hotspot 36AirCard 785 Mobile Hotspot The battery icon on the LCD screen indicates when the battery is fully charged ( ) and a notification di

Page 31 - View Alerts

Use Your Hotspot 37 AirCard 785 Mobile HotspotChange Hotspot Web Page Login SettingsYou can change the host name for the hotspot web page. You can als

Page 32 - Extend Battery Life

Use Your Hotspot 38AirCard 785 Mobile Hotspot The the Submit button displays after you make a selection.7. Click the Submit button. Your changes are

Page 33

Use Your Hotspot 39 AirCard 785 Mobile Hotspot5. From the Encryption list (for main WiFi) or Guest Encryption list (for guest WiFi), select a securit

Page 34

4AirCard 785 Mobile Hotspot SIM Not Installed. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42SI

Page 35 - Recharge the Battery

Use Your Hotspot 40AirCard 785 Mobile Hotspot 4. Click the About link near the upper right corner of the screen.5. To save this information to a fil

Page 36 - Establish Security

Use Your Hotspot 41 AirCard 785 Mobile Hotspot4. Double click on the update alert.The Download Update Available screen displays.5. Click the Start D

Page 37

Use Your Hotspot 42AirCard 785 Mobile Hotspot AlertsYour hotspot displays alerts to advise you of device status changes.SIM Not InstalledEnsure that t

Page 38

Use Your Hotspot 43 AirCard 785 Mobile HotspotThe default password is password. The password is case-sensitive.4. Click the Sign In button.5. Enter

Page 39

4433. Advanced SettingsThis chapter provides information about how to configure various aspects of the hotspot such as WiFi settings, WAN settings,

Page 40

Advanced Settings 45 AirCard 785 Mobile HotspotBack Up and Restore Hotspot SettingsYou can back up and restore hotspot settings. Backing up and restor

Page 41

Advanced Settings 46AirCard 785 Mobile Hotspot 3. Enter the password in the Sign In field.The default password is password. The password is case-sens

Page 42 - SIM MEP Locked

Advanced Settings 47 AirCard 785 Mobile Hotspot3. Enter the password in the Sign In field.The default password is password. The password is case-sens

Page 43 - Temperature-Related Alerts

Advanced Settings 48AirCard 785 Mobile Hotspot Select the Hide button if you do not want it broadcast.The Submit button displays after you make a sele

Page 44 - Advanced Settings

Advanced Settings 49 AirCard 785 Mobile HotspotConfigure Mobile BroadbandYou can configure mobile broadband settings to view WAN details such as the a

Page 45

5 AirCard 785 Mobile HotspotChapter 5 SpecificationsMechanical Specifications . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Page 46 - Manage WiFi Network Options

Advanced Settings 50AirCard 785 Mobile Hotspot 4. Click the Sign In button.5. Select Settings > Router > Port Forwarding.6. Select the Enable

Page 47

Advanced Settings 51 AirCard 785 Mobile Hotspot4. Click the Sign In button.5. Select Settings > Router > Port Filtering.6. From the Port Filt

Page 48 - Enable SIM Security

Advanced Settings 52AirCard 785 Mobile Hotspot The default password is password. The password is case-sensitive.4. Click the Sign In button.5. Selec

Page 49 - Configure Mobile Broadband

Advanced Settings 53 AirCard 785 Mobile HotspotA login screen displays.3. Enter the password in the Sign In field.The default password is password. T

Page 50 - Enable Port Filtering

Advanced Settings 54AirCard 785 Mobile Hotspot  To enable DMZ and designate a computer to screen incoming traffic:1. Launch a web browser from a com

Page 51 - Enable IP Pass-Through Mode

Advanced Settings 55 AirCard 785 Mobile Hotspot8. Click the Submit button.Your changes are saved.Set LAN Options To set the hotspot’s LAN options:1.

Page 52 - Enable VPN Pass-Through

Advanced Settings 56AirCard 785 Mobile Hotspot The Submit button displays after you make a selection.7. Click the Submit button.Your changes are save

Page 53 - Enable DMZ

5744. Frequently Asked QuestionsThis chapter provides answers to possible questions about your hotspot.• Questions About Connecting and Disconnectin

Page 54

Frequently Asked Questions 58AirCard 785 Mobile Hotspot Questions About Connecting and Disconnecting Devices and Accessing the InternetReview these qu

Page 55 - Set LAN Options

Frequently Asked Questions 59 AirCard 785 Mobile Hotspot4. Click the Disconnect button (in the Connection Details section).Why doesn’t the Connect or

Page 56 - Your changes are saved

611. Get StartedThis chapter provides an overview of AirCard® 785 Mobile Hotspot features, and instructions for how to set up your hotspot and conne

Page 57 - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions 60AirCard 785 Mobile Hotspot Why can’t my hotspot connect to a computer running Windows Vista?A known issue with Microsoft

Page 58

Frequently Asked Questions 61 AirCard 785 Mobile HotspotWhy isn’t my battery charging?If you are in a low-coverage area, are transferring a lot of dat

Page 59

Frequently Asked Questions 62AirCard 785 Mobile Hotspot General QuestionsReview these general questions the hotspot.Why is the signal indicator always

Page 60

Frequently Asked Questions 63 AirCard 785 Mobile HotspotThe IP address might be listed under IPv4 Address or something similar. To find the IP addres

Page 61 -  To reset the hotspot:

Frequently Asked Questions 64AirCard 785 Mobile Hotspot  To find the MAC address on a Windows 8 device:1. In the Charms bar, select the Search icon.

Page 62 - General Questions

Frequently Asked Questions 65 AirCard 785 Mobile Hotspot To reset the hotspot:1. Press the Power and Navigation buttons at the same time for five se

Page 63

66AA. SpecificationsThis appendix covers the following topics: • Mechanical Specifications• Environmental Specifications• Supported RF Bands

Page 64 - How can I reset the hotspot?

Specifications 67 AirCard 785 Mobile HotspotMechanical SpecificationsEnvironmental SpecificationsTable 5. Recommended operating and storage temperatu

Page 65

Get Started 7 AirCard 785 Mobile HotspotKnow Your HotspotYour hotspot enables you to create a WiFi access point in any location with cellular network

Page 66 - Specifications

Get Started 8AirCard 785 Mobile Hotspot Status LEDThe status LED indicates the hotspot’s connection status.Table 2. LED indicator patternsColor LED p

Page 67 - Supported RF Bands

Table 3. LCD screen elements Element Indicates1 bar . The hotspot signal is weak.5 bars . The hotspot signal is strong.4G/LTE. The LTE network is av

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