Netgear PL500P-199PES Datasheet

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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - Powerline PL500 Series

Easy, Reliable & Secure July 2013202-11313-01Powerline PL500 Series AdapterUser ManualModels:PL500PL500P

Page 2 - Trademarks

Getting Started10Powerline PL500 Series Adapter3. Wait for the Powerline network to recognize each Powerline adapter. • This process could take as lit

Page 3 - Contents

Getting Started11 Powerline PL500 Series AdapterCAUTION:Do not press the Security button until the Power and Performance LEDs for both adapters are li

Page 4

Getting Started12Powerline PL500 Series Adapter To set the encryption key for more Powerline adapters:1. Plug in the next Powerline adapter.It cannot

Page 5 - Hardware Features

1322. TroubleshootingThis chapter provides information to help you diagnose and solve problems that you might encounter. This chapter includes:• Bas

Page 6 - PL500P Pass-Through Socket

Troubleshooting14Powerline PL500 Series AdapterBasic FunctioningAfter you plug in the Powerline device, the following sequence of events should occur:

Page 7 - Product Label

Troubleshooting15 Powerline PL500 Series Adapter- Move the Powerline adapter to an outlet that is closer to the computer or devices.- If you set a pri

Page 8

16AA. Supplemental InformationThis appendix provides technical specifications and safety information for Powerline PL500 Series Adapters.This append

Page 9

Supplemental Information17Powerline PL500 Series AdapterPL500 Technical SpecificationsThe PL500 meets the technical specifications defined in the foll

Page 10 - Powerline Network Security

Supplemental Information18Powerline PL500 Series AdapterPL500P Technical SpecificationsThe PL500P meets the technical specifications defined in the fo

Page 11 - Getting Started

Supplemental Information19Powerline PL500 Series AdapterSafety InformationTo ensure your own personal safety and to help protect your system from pote

Page 12

2Powerline PL500 Series AdapterSupportThank you for selecting On Networks products. On Networks recommends that you use only the official On Networks

Page 13 - Troubleshooting

20BB. Notification of ComplianceWired Powerline productsSafety Instructions and Precautions WARNING:Use the following safety guidelines to ensure yo

Page 14 - Troubleshooting Tips

Notification of Compliance21Powerline PL500 Series AdapterThe voltage and current rating of the cable should be greater than the ratings marked on the

Page 15 - Ethernet LED Is Off

Notification of Compliance22Powerline PL500 Series AdapterThis device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following tw

Page 16 - Supplemental Information

3ContentsChapter 1 Getting StartedHardware Features. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5Powerline

Page 17

411. Getting StartedThis chapter describes your Powerline adapter and how it fits into a home network. It also explains the security features and ho

Page 18

Getting Started5 Powerline PL500 Series AdapterHardware FeaturesThis section describes the hardware features of the Powerline Adapters. Adapters vary

Page 19 - Safety Information

Getting Started6Powerline PL500 Series AdapterLED DescriptionsThe LEDs indicate the status of your Powerline adapter.Table 1. LEDsLED DescriptionEthe

Page 20 - Notification of Compliance

Getting Started7 Powerline PL500 Series AdapterProduct LabelThe product label shows details specific to your Powerline adapter, including the followin

Page 21 - FCC Information to User

Getting Started8Powerline PL500 Series AdapterFor best performance, plan the location of your Powerline adapters.• To avoid accidentally turning off t

Page 22 - FCC Declaration of Conformity

Getting Started9 Powerline PL500 Series Adapter4. Plug the second Powerline adapter into an electrical outlet where you want to add Internet access. 5

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