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4500 Great America Parkway
Santa Clara, CA 95054 USA
Skype™ WiFi Phone
Model SPH101 Use
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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - Model SPH101 Use

NETGEAR, Inc.4500 Great America Parkway Santa Clara, CA 95054 USASkype™ WiFi Phone Model SPH101 Use Manual

Page 2 - Customer Support

6 Getting StartedSign In to SkypeAfter you join a network, you are prompted to sign in to Skype, or to create a new Skype account. Enter your Skype Na

Page 3 - Contents

Getting Started 7Try Your WiFi PhoneYour WiFi phone is now ready to use. Hold the phone as you would any other telephone with the antenna pointed up a

Page 4

8 Getting Started

Page 5 - Getting Started

9Using the WiFi phoneAfter you set up the WiFi phone, you can use it to make and receive calls. The WiFi phone controls are shown below. Hang upUSB co

Page 6 - Charge the Battery

10 Using the WiFi phoneControlsThe controls on the WiFi phone are described in this section. • Volume control. Change the volume for the WiFi phone.•

Page 7

Using the WiFi phone 11On/Off Button MenuThe On/Off button is located at the top of the WiFi phone. After the WiFi phone starts up, you can use this b

Page 8 - Join a Wireless Network

12 Using the WiFi phoneChange Your StatusNormally, the WiFi phone is Online. To view or change the status:1. Push the On/Off button located at the top

Page 9

Using the WiFi phone 13SkypeOut, SkypeIn, and Skype VoicemailThe WiFi phone is optimized for Skype. With Skype you can make free calls to anyone else

Page 10 - Sign In to Skype

14 Using the WiFi phoneContactsSelect Contacts. Then scroll and select a contact.You can use these options: • Call. Call a contact.• Send voicemail. S

Page 11 - Try Your WiFi Phone

Using the WiFi phone 15Call a ContactTo call a contact:1. Select a contact.You can press a letter key on the phone to go to contacts whose names begin

Page 12 - 8 Getting Started

© 2006 by NETGEAR, Inc. All rights reserved.Customer SupportNETGEAR, Inc. Support InformationPhone: 1-888-NETGEAR, for US & Canada only. For other

Page 13 - Using the WiFi phone

16 Using the WiFi phoneOptions During a CallChoosing Options lets you manage your call and work with contacts. • Hold. Put the person you are calling

Page 14 - Controls

Using the WiFi phone 17Advanced OptionsSelect a contact. Select Options, and then select Advanced. Scroll and select an advanced option. • Rename. Cha

Page 15 - On/Off Button Menu

18 Using the WiFi phoneAdd a ContactYou can add a Skype contact or a SkypeOut contact.Choose by SkypeTo add a Skype contact:1. From the contacts list,

Page 16 - Change Your Status

Using the WiFi phone 19By SkypeOut NumberTo add a SkypeOut contact:1. From the contacts list, select Options, and then select Advanced.2. Scroll down

Page 17 - Get Your Skype Contacts

20 Using the WiFi phoneSearch for UsersYou can search by Skype Name, by full name, or by e-mail.To search:1. Select Search from the menu, or select it

Page 18 - Contacts

Using the WiFi phone 21AuthorizationIf you want to let other Skype users know when you are online, then you need to authorize them. If someone adds yo

Page 19 - Call a Contact

22 Using the WiFi phoneAuthorization WaitingThese contacts are waiting for you to authorize them so that they will be notified when you are online. 1.

Page 20 - Options During a Call

Using the WiFi phone 23HistoryView the calls that have been made, received, and missed from this WiFi phone since the last time it was reset. You can

Page 21 - Advanced Options

24 Using the WiFi phoneVoicemailIf you have purchased Skype Voicemail, then you can access it from the main menu or the History menu. Tip: From the ma

Page 22 - Add a Contact

25Settings and Wireless NetworksYou can use the Settings menu on the WiFi phone to view or adjust the following:• Skype My profile settings, notificat

Page 23 - By SkypeOut Number

iiiContents Getting StartedWhat Is in the Box ... 2Charge the Battery ...

Page 24 - Search for Users

26 Settings and Wireless NetworksSettings MenuSelect Settings to view or adjust the settings for the WiFi phone. You can scroll to display the items a

Page 25 - Request Authorization

Settings and Wireless Networks 27• Sound devices. Set the Audio In, Audio Out, and auto adjustments.• Tones. Set the ringing tone, ringing volume, sou

Page 26 - Authorization Waiting

28 Settings and Wireless NetworksNetworkFrom the Settings menu, select Network. The Network menu has these options: • Wireless networks in range. Scan

Page 27 - Missed Calls

Settings and Wireless Networks 29GeneralFrom the Settings menu, select General. The General menu has these options: • Change password. Change your Sky

Page 28 - Voicemail

30 Settings and Wireless NetworksAdvancedFrom the Settings menu, choose Advanced. You should not need to change most of these settings. The Advanced m

Page 29

Settings and Wireless Networks 31Preferred NetworksWhen you connect to a wireless network, the WiFi phone remembers the network and puts it into Prefe

Page 30 - Settings Menu

32 Settings and Wireless NetworksConnect to a NetworkThe WiFi phone scans for wireless networks when you turn it on. If no network is available, you c

Page 31

Settings and Wireless Networks 334. Follow the prompts to enter the passphrase or keys.Tip: Passphrases and keys are case-sensitive. NETGEAR is not t

Page 32

34 Settings and Wireless Networks

Page 33

35TroubleshootingUse the following suggestions to locate the source of a problem. Find the ProblemTo make and receive calls, the WiFi phone must do th

Page 34 - Advanced

iv Contents Settings and Wireless NetworksSettings Menu ... 26Network ...

Page 35 - Preferred Networks

36 TroubleshootingWireless NetworksTo use your WiFi phone, you need a good connection to a wireless network. The WiFi phone automatically scans for wi

Page 36 - Connect to a Network

Troubleshooting 37• If you have connected to a network before, the phone remembers the settings unless you sign out or the phone is reset. You can vie

Page 37

38 Troubleshooting

Page 38

39Wireless Default Settings and Technical SpecificationsWireless Default SettingsWireless communication EnabledWireless network name (SSID) Any (conn

Page 39 - Troubleshooting

40 Wireless Default Settings and Technical SpecificationsTechnical SpecificationsAntennaInternalRadio data rate 1, 2, 5.5, 6, 9, 11, 12, 18, 24, 36, 4

Page 40 - Wireless Networks

41Related DocumentsYou may find the following online documents useful. Use the following links to read more about wireless technology.Document LinkWir

Page 41

42 Related Documents

Page 42 - 38 Troubleshooting

43Regulatory ComplianceCertificate of the Manufacturer/ImporterIt is hereby certified that the WiFi phone has been suppressed in accordance with the c

Page 43 - Technical Specifications

44 Regulatory ComplianceFCC RF Exposure InformationWARNING!! Read this information before using your phone.In August 1986 the Federal Communications C

Page 44

Regulatory Compliance 45Those standards were based on comprehensive and periodic evaluations of the relevant scientific literature. For example, over

Page 45 - Related Documents

1Getting StartedThe WiFi phone connects wirelessly to Skype through your broadband Internet connection. You can use the WiFi phone to make and receive

Page 46 - 42 Related Documents

46 Regulatory ComplianceEN 301 489-1 V.1.3.1 (2001), EN 301 489-17 V.1.2.1 (2002)EN 50361: 2001EN 60950-1: 2001IC (WLAN)To prevent radio interference

Page 47 - Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance 47Europe - EU Declaration of ConformityÈesky [Czech] NETGEAR, Inc. tímto prohlašuje, že tento WiFi phone je ve shodì se základní

Page 48 - Body-Worn Operation

48 Regulatory ComplianceLatviski [Latvian] Ar šo NETGEAR, Inc. deklarç, ka WiFi phone atbilst Direktîvas 1999/5/EK bûtiskajâm prasîbâm un citiem ar to

Page 49 - CE Declaration of Conformity

Regulatory Compliance 49SARFor body worn operation, this phone has been tested and meets FCC RF exposure guidelines when used with an accessory that c

Page 50 - IC (WLAN)

50 Regulatory Compliance

Page 51 - Regulatory Compliance 47

TrademarksNETGEAR is a trademark of Netgear, Inc. Skype, SkypeIn, SkypeOut and associated logos and the "S" symbol are trademarks of Skype L

Page 52 - 48 Regulatory Compliance

NETGEAR, Inc.4500 Great America Parkway Santa Clara, CA 95054 USAJune 2006

Page 53 - SAR Exposure

2 Getting StartedWhat Is in the BoxThe Skype™ WiFi Phone package includes the following items:• WiFi phone• Battery• Battery charger• Skype™ WiFi Phon

Page 54 - 50 Regulatory Compliance

Getting Started 33. Connect the power cord, and plug it into an outlet.The battery charges, which can take up to 12 hours.4. Push the On/Off button to

Page 55 - Statement of Conditions

4 Getting StartedJoin a Wireless NetworkThe WiFi phone scans for wireless networks in your area. It joins the first open network without wireless secu

Page 56 - June 2006

Getting Started 5The first time that you join a wireless network with security, you must know the password or WEP keys. When entering letters, tap the

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