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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - User Guide

User Guide | Software v 2.1SoundBridge Network Music Player

Page 2

8Once removed, your right end cap will reveal the connectors shown below.Your SoundBridge has several audio connection options:a. Connect your SoundB

Page 3 - Register Your SoundBridge!

9b. Connect your SoundBridge to your stereo system’s Aux or other “Line Input,” using an RCA (white/red) audio cable (not included). PC or Mac with m


10sure to replace the end caps on the unit before plugging in the AC power supply into the wall, in order to avoid abnormal unit operation due to stat


11If you have a security key, you will need to enter your WEP key manually into SoundBridge. This is the same key you have entered into your Access P

Page 6

12After these changes have been made, restart SoundBridge by disconnecting it from AC power. For additional help connecting to your network, including

Page 7

13your local network. Do not quit iTunes.3. Rhapsody: Make sure the Rhapsody application is running, then select User Settings from the Options menu

Page 8

14 VIII. Choosing Your Music LibraryOnce SoundBridge is successfully connected to your network and your server’s music sharing options are enabled, S

Page 9

15 X. Setting Display Preferences (optional)The brightness of your display can be adjusted by pressing the Bright button. Text size can also be contr

Page 10 - Connect RCA to mini

16In that case you don’t need to do anything. Press Select to accept this message and return to the previous “System Configuration” menu. Press Exit to

Page 11 - Connecting to a stereo

17MUSIC PLAYBACK — OVERVIEWAudio File Formats SupportedYou are now ready to begin playing music. SoundBridge supports a wide variety of audio formats,

Page 13

18The Search button takes you to your text-based search options.The Exit button takes you one step backward (think of it as the BACK button on your In

Page 14 - VII. Enabling Music Sharing

19MUSIC PLAYBACK — TUTORIALThe Main MenuTo begin navigating through your music, start on your “Main” menu, by pressing the Menu button. The display o

Page 15

20Browsing by AlbumPress the Down 6 button until you see the BROWSE option highlighted and press Select on your remote control. You will see a listin

Page 16 - IX. Playing Music

21Please note that the artist and album information may be abbreviated, or appear one line at a time, if the total number of characters exceeds what c

Page 17

22You may add a single song, an entire album, all songs by an artist, all songs in a genre, or any search result – just browse to the selection you pr

Page 18

23The “Add song to Song Queue” option behaves similarly as the Add button – it places the current song at the end of your playlist. The “Insert song

Page 19 - Navigation Quick Reference

24Erasing a Song Queue If you change your mind and decide you don’t want to play the Song Queue you’ve just created, simply select something else to p

Page 20 - Screen Icons Quick Reference

25Hint: Press Repeat if you would like your Song Queue to play continuously. You will see the Repeat icon q displayed on the right side of your Now Pl

Page 21 - The Main Menu

26Browsing by Artist, Song or ComposerFrom the Main Menu, use the Down 6arrow to highlight BROWSE and then press Select. Navigate to BROWSE ARTISTS a

Page 22 - Browsing by Album

27To browse within a genre, such as Hip Hop/Rap, press Select on your desired genre. You will have the option to see all available artists in that gen

Page 23 - Building a Song Queue

WelcomeThanks for purchasing Roku SoundBridge! We hope you enjoy using it as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it.SoundBridge lets you play music you ha

Page 24

28Hint: Band names starting with “the,” such as The Beatles, will be found under the first letter of the word following “the” — in this case, “B” for “

Page 25 - Reviewing a Song Queue

29 Then, drag & drop the radio stations you like onto the new “RadioFavorites” playlist. The result is a standard iTunes playlist that contains y

Page 26 - Pausing Music Playback

302. Play your playlist on SoundBridge. From the SoundBridge Main Menu, select “Playlists.” Scroll down until you find the “RadioFavorites” playlist.

Page 27 - Playing a Playlist

315. Browse to the playlist in SoundBridge and play it.To play Internet radio with SoundBridge’s Radio Favorites Library:With SoundBridge software ve

Page 28 - Browsing by Genre

325. You will receive a confirmation of what Internet radio streams were saved (up to the first 30 characters of the name will be displayed). You can p

Page 29 - Search Options

33• Make sure the UPnP User Interface check box is selected. • Once enabled, double-click the device to open the SoundBridge web page.2. Apple user

Page 30 - Internet Radio

34Then, double-click on the name of your device to open the SoundBridge web page.The SoundBridge Web page includes the following three tabs:1. Status

Page 31

35If you experience problems with playback of an Internet radio stream you copied from a web browser, make sure that your stream ends with the “.pls”

Page 32

36Hint: If for some reason you copy a URL that is too long to fit inside the text field (longer than 250 characters), or if you erase the URL in the fiel

Page 33

37When you are finished using your web page, simply close your browser window.

Page 34 - Web Page Control

TABLE OF CONTENTSGetting Started I. Music Server Software Requirements ...3 II. Hooking Up Your Home Network Hardware (Wired Ethern

Page 35

38When You Are Finished Using SoundBridgeWhen you are finished playing music and using the SoundBridge altogether, just press the Standby button on y

Page 36

39ADVANCED FEATURESControl Brightness, Contrast and Text DisplayThe Bright button on your remote lets you change the brightness of your display using

Page 37

40While in Safe Mode, your stored network settings will not be recalled. Therefore it may be necessary to configure your network before SoundBridge can

Page 38

41WI-FI SETUP AND PASSWORD HELPBackgroundWhy Wi-Fi?With SoundBridge’s wireless functionality, you can stream music from computers on your wireless net

Page 39

426. Turn on your SoundBridge by plugging the power cord into the right side of the device, then into the wall AC outlet. Verify that the screen disp

Page 40

43If the connection is successful, all the available music libraries will be listed on your screen. Use the up and down arrows on your remote to navig

Page 41 - Safe Mode

44Wi-Fi Setup ExamplesApple AirPort (Mac Users)The Apple Airport is a very popular access point. To see its configuration, open your AirPort Admin Uti

Page 42 - Geeks — Read This

45You may need to enter the password for your base station. You should then see the screen below. The line labeled “Wireless Network Name”: is the na

Page 43 - Wi-Fi Setup Instructions

46If your network is password protected, you should choose “Equivalent Network Password” from the “Base Station” menu (see illustration above) and wri

Page 44

47Apple AirPort (PC Users)Step 1: Open the AirPort Admin utility (Start/Programs/Airport Admin Utility). Select the network you would like to configure

Page 45 - Troubleshooting Wi-Fi Setup

3GETTING STARTEDTo use SoundBridge you will need to: I. Make sure you have a compatible music server installed. Compatible music servers include iTu

Page 46 - Apple AirPort (Mac Users)

48Step 2: Make a note of the name of your wireless network in the “Network Name” field (see below).

Page 47

49Step 3: Select the “Equivalent Network Password” from the “Base Station” drop down menu.

Page 48

50Step 4: Write down the displayed password(s), as well as their format (“hex” in the example below). Press OK to close the dialog box.

Page 49 - Apple AirPort (PC Users)

51Linksys WAP54GThe Linksys WAP54G access point is a popular 802.11g access point. Getting the hexadecimal WEP key from the WAP54G is an easy process

Page 50

52As you can see in the next illustration, “Wireless Security” is enabled. Click on the “Edit Security Settings” button to access the WEP setup page:

Page 51

53Netgear WG602The Netgear WG602 is an 802.11g Wireless Access Point. Its configuration can be accessed with a web browser. First, open a web browser

Page 52

54The value of “Wireless Network Name (SSID)” is the SSID that you will enter into the SoundBridge’s wireless setup. Next, click on “Security Setting

Page 53 - Linksys WAP54G

55If “WEP” is set to “Disable,” then you do not need to enter a password to access your wireless network. If “WEP” is set to “Enable,” you will need

Page 54

56Getting HelpIf you are still having trouble setting up your Wi-Fi connection, please browse our web site support resources at

Page 55 - Netgear WG602

57APPENDICESEnd User Software License AgreementIMPORTANT — READ CAREFULLY: By using the software in your SoundBridge, you agree to be bound by the lic

Page 56 - WEP settings:

4What Is a “Music Server”?SoundBridge is a networked music player. That is, it doesn’t store any music. It plays files that you have stored on a comput

Page 57

58This product is protected by certain intellectual property rights of Microsoft Corporation. Use or distribution of such technology outside of this p


59d. software version (located in System Configuration menu)e. date of purchase f. place of purchase (dealer or online place of purchase)g. return


60FCC Warnings and Safety InformationCommunication Regulation & Safety InformationFCC ComplianceThis section describes the requirements for compli

Page 60 - Limited Warranty

61Canada Class B StatementThis Class B device meets all requirements of the Canadian interference-causing equipment regulations. Cet appareil numériqu

Page 61

62product. Any mounting of the product should follow the manufacturer’s instructions, and should use a mounting accessory recommended by the manufactu

Page 62

63may result in damage and will often require extensive work by a qualified technician to restore the product to its normal operation,– If the product

Page 63

64TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONSM2000Dimensions: 17” wide x 2.75” diameter Weight: 2.75 lbs Graphical Display: 512 x 32–pixel VFDM1000Dimensions: 10” wide

Page 64

65Network Connections10MBit wired Ethernet or 802.11b CompactFlash wireless adapter Power SupplySwitching 110/220V power supply i. Input: 100-240V;

Page 65 - European Community

66© 2005 Roku, LLC. All rights reserved. ROKU, the ROKU logo, and SoundBridge are trademarks or registered trademarks of Roku, LLC in the United State

Page 67 - SoundBridge Mounting Kit

5With 2.x software, you have several options for connecting your music library to SoundBridge:Music Server Recommended for Users of . . .NotesWindows

Page 69

6A. Instructions for Installing Windows Media Connect1. If not already installed, install Windows XP Service Pack 2, a free download from Microsoft o

Page 70 - 05-SB00-UG0120

72. Check to make sure your SoundBridge software is running v. 2.0 or later using the “Check for new software” command in the “System Configuration” m

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