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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - Modular Fast Ethernet Switch

FSMODEL726FSMODEL750Modular Fast Ethernet SwitchUser‘s Guide

Page 2

1-1introductionCHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTIONThis installation guide describes the NETGEAR FS726 and FS750 Modular FastEthernet Switches.NETGEAR’s FS726 and

Page 3

introduction 1-2NETGEAR Model AG711T) or a fiber Gigabit Ethernet module (1000BASE-SX,NETGEAR Model AG711F). (Modules are not included with the switch

Page 4

1-3introductionAdditional FeaturesThe FS726 and FS750 Switches share the following features:• Uplink adaptability for either copper gigabit or fiber g


introduction 1-4• Compliance with the IEEE802.3i Ethernet, IEEE802.3u Fast Ethernet standards,IEEE802.3ab Gigabit Ethernet, and IEEE802.3z Gigabit Eth

Page 6

1-5introductionPackage ContentsFigure 1-1 shows the package contents of the FS726 and FS750 switches.Figure 1-1.Package ContentsVerify that your packa

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2-1physical descriptionCHAPTER 2: PHYSICAL DESCRIPTIONThis chapter describes the hardware features of the FS726 and FS750 Switches.Topics include:• Fr

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physical description 2-2Figure 2-1.Front and Back Panels of the FS726 Switch10/100 MbpsportsModule BaysLED ModeButtonResetButtonFanPowerReceptacleFron

Page 9

2-3physical descriptionFigure 2-2.Front and Back Panels of the FS750 Switch10/100 Mbps RJ-45 PortsAs Figures 2-1 and 2-2 show, the FS726 Switch has 24


physical description 2-4LED Mode Button and LED DescriptionsLEDs on the front panels of the FS726 and FS750 Switches provide a quick and accurate disp

Page 11 - Table 1-1.Key Features:

2-5physical descriptionModule BaysTwo module bays on both switches allow you to upgrade as you go, whether you needgigabit uplink or additional port c

Page 12 - 1-3introduction

iiTrademarksNETGEAR® is a registered trademark of NETGEAR, Inc. in the United States and other countries. All othertrademarks and registered trademark

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physical description 2-6Model FS726 SwitchEN524 HubFR314 RouterModel FS726 SwitchFR314 RouterFigure 2-3.Creating Redundant Paths between Network Devic

Page 14 - Figure 1-1.Package Contents

2-7physical descriptionReset ButtonA reset button is located on the front panels of the FS726 and FS750 Switches.Thebutton allows you to reinitialize

Page 15 - 2-1physical description

3-1applicationsCHAPTER 3:APPLICATIONSThe FS726 and FS750 Switches are designed to provide flexibility in configuring yournetwork connections. Both swi

Page 16

applications 3-2Segment Switching and Bridging from 10 Mbps to 100 MbpsThe FS726 and FS750 Switches can be used to segment a network into multiple con

Page 17 - 2-3physical description

3-3applicationsModel FS726Model FS5091012FS518TMODELFast Ethernet Switchwith Gigabit Ports18PORT10/100MbpsSwitchingGreen=FDX,Yellow+COLActivity14 15 1

Page 18

4-1installationCHAPTER 4: INSTALLATIONThis chapter describes the installation procedures for the NETGEAR FS726 andFS750 Switches.Topics include:• Prep

Page 19 - 2-5physical description

installation 4-2Preparing the SiteBefore you install your switch, be sure your operating environment meets the operatingenvironment requirements in Ta

Page 20

4-3installationInstalling the SwitchYou can install the NETGEAR FS726 and FS750 Switches on a flat surface or in astandard 19-inch rack.Installing the

Page 21 - 2-7physical description

installation 4-4Connecting Devices to the SwitchThe following procedure describes how to connect devices to the switch’s RJ-45 ports.When attaching de


4-5installationUsing Gigabit Ethernet Modules The modularity of the FS726 and 750 Switches provides you with a highly adaptablenetwork..You not only c

Page 23

iiiquency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions,may cause harmful interfer-ence to radio communications. However,

Page 24 - 3-3applications

installation 4-6Checking the InstallationBefore you apply power:• Inspect the equipment thoroughly.• Verify that all cables are installed correctly.•

Page 26 - Preparing the Site

5-1troubleshootingCHAPTER 5:TROUBLESHOOTINGThis chapter provides guidance in troubleshooting the NETGEAR FS726 and FS750Switches. Information includes

Page 27 - 4-3installation

troubleshooting 5-2Symptom Cause SolutionLink LED is off for a port There is a problem with this Make sure the cable is attached that has a connection

Page 28 - (Model FS726 shown)

5-3installationAdditional Troubleshooting SuggestionsIf the suggestions in Table 5-1 do not resolve your problem, refer to the troubleshootingsuggesti

Page 29 - 4-5installation

A-1technical specificationsAPPENDIX A:TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONSThis appendix provides technical specifications for the NETGEAR FS726 or FS750 Switches.

Page 30

technical specifications A-2Performance SpecificationsFrame filter rate: 14,800 frames/second, maximum on 10 Mbps port (64B packets)148,000 frames/sec

Page 31 - 4-7installation

A-3technical specificationsElectrical SpecificationsFS726 FS750Power Consumption: 40W maximum 60W maximumPhysical SpecificationsFS726 FS750Dimensions:


technical specifications A-4Electromagnetic EmissionsMeets requirements of:CE mark,commercialFCC Part 15, Subpart B,Class AEN 55024 (CISPR 22), Class

Page 33

B-1connector pin assignmentsAPPENDIX B: CONNECTOR PIN ASSIGNMENTSThis appendix provides information about the RJ-45 plug and the RJ-45 connector usedf

Page 34 - 5-3installation

ivCustomer SupportFor assistance with installing and configuring your NETGEAR system or with questions or problems following installation:• Check the

Page 35 - A-1technical specifications

connector pin assignments B-2Table B-1 lists the pin assignments for the 10/100 Mbps RJ-45 plug and the RJ-45 connector.Table B-1.10/100 Mbps RJ-45 Pl

Page 36

B-3connector pin assignmentsDuplex SC Plug and Duplex SC ConnectorThe duplex SC connector connects stations,hubs, and switches that support the1000BAS

Page 37 - A-3technical specifications

C-1cabling guidelinesAPPENDIX C: CABLING GUIDELINESThis appendix provides specifications for cables used with the FS726 and FS750 Switches.Fast Ethern

Page 38

cabling guidelines C-2Category 5 CableCategory 5 distributed cable that meets ANSI/EIA/TIA-568-A building wiring standardscan be a maximum of 328 feet

Page 39 - 12345678

C-3cabling guidelinesCategory 5 Cable SpecificationsTable C-1 lists the electrical requirements of Category 5 UTP cable.Table C-1.Electrical Requireme

Page 40 - RJ-45 connector

cabling guidelines C-4Figure C-1 illustrates straight-through twisted pair cable.Figure C-1.Straight-Through Twisted-Pair CableFigure C-2 illustrates

Page 41 - B-3connector pin assignments

C-5cabling guidelinesPatch Panels and CablesIf you are using patch panels,make sure that they meet the 100BASE-TX requirements.NETGEAR recommends Cate

Page 42 - C-1cabling guidelines

cabling guidelines C-6CablingThe 1000BASE-T product is designed to operate over Category 5 cabling.To furtherenhance the operation,the cabling standar

Page 43

C-7cabling guidelinesFactors that affect the return loss are:• The number of transition points, as there is a connection via an RJ-45 to another conne

Page 44

cabling guidelines C-8Fiber Optic CablesIn North America, use EIA-569-A horizontal 62.5/125 µm multimode optical fibercable (ANSI/EIA/TIA-492AAAA).Int

Page 45

vContentsCONTENTSCHAPTER 1Introduction 1-1Description 1-1Features 1-2Key Features 1-2Additional Features 1-3Package Contents 1-5CHAPTER 2Physical Desc

Page 46 - 87654321

I-1indexAApplicationsDesktop Switching, 3-1Segment Switching and Bridging from Mbps to 100 Mbps,3-2Applying AC Power, 4-6Auto Uplink,2-5CCabling guide

Page 47

index I-2P Package Contents, 1-5Patch Panels and Cables,C-5Physical DescriptionFront and Back Panels, 2-110/100 Mbps RJ-45 Ports,2-3LED Descriptions,

Page 48 - C-7cabling guidelines

NETGEAR, Inc.4500 Great America ParkwaySanta Clara, CA 95054 USAPhone: 1-888-NETGEARwww.NETGEAR.comM-FS700NA-0 July 2001

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contents viCHAPTER 5Troubleshooting Information 5-1Additional Troubleshooting Suggestions 5-3Network Adapter Cards 5-3Configuration 5-3Switch Integrit

Page 50

viicontentsAPPENDIX CCabling Guidelines C-1Fast Ethernet Cable Guidelines C-1Category 5 Cable C-2Category 5 Cable Specifications C-3Twisted Pair Cable

Page 51

figures viiiFigure 1-1. Package Contents 1-5Figure 2-1. Front and Back Panels of the FS726 Switch 2-2Figure 2-2. Front and Back Panels of the FS750 Sw

Page 52 - Phone: 1-888-NETGEAR

ixtablesTable 1-1. Key Features 1-2Table 2-1. Front Panel LEDs 2-4Table 4-1. Site Requirements 4-2Table 5-1. Troubleshooting Information 5-1Table

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