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NETGEAR Wireless LAN Antennas and Accessories
NETGEAR 18 dBi Patch Panel Directional Antenna - ANT24D18
NETGEAR 9 dBi Omni-directional Antenna - ANT2409
NETGEAR 5 dBi Omni-directional Antenna - ANT24O5
NETGEAR 500 mW Power Booster - ANT24BNA (part of ME103BDL1NA bundle)
NETGEAR Power Injector - ANT24BDC
NETGEAR Antenna Cables
NOTE: To obtain optimal results in
extending wireless range with antenna
installations, it is recommended that a
qualified, professional installer is consulted
for site survey and proper installation.
Optimize WLAN Range and Power
NETGEAR’s line of antennas and accessories for 802.11b and 802.11g devices give you multiple
options for maximizing the reach and performance of your wireless infrastructure devices. Every
WLAN deployment is unique. When planning a network that incorporates wireless, varying facility
sizes, construction materials, distance between transmission points and physical obstructions must
be accounted for. With both directional and omni-directional antennas, low-loss cables, mounting
hardware, and other accessories, installers can customize a value-priced wireless solution that meets
the requirements of even the most challenging applications. All NETGEAR antennas are FCC-approved
to work with the following NETGEAR models: FVM318, FWG114P, ME103 and WG302.
18 dBi Patch Panel Directional Antenna
The ANT24D18 indoor/outdoor directional* antenna provides a 3-in-1 solution for mixed applications in combination
with an 802.11b or 802.11g access point or wireless router. One, it delivers extended access point range in a single floor
environment ideally positioned in the corner of a building. Two, it functions point-to-point so that you can wirelessly
connect LANs between buildings in a campus-type environment. Three, it provides multifloor transmission when placed
on a ceiling, as the higher power output extends the range through typical flooring materials. Includes several mounting
options (fixed wall, wall adjustable, and pole), cable sold separately.
*Directional: Concentrates transmit and receive radio-frequency energy into a cone, or beam, for higher signal strength and reception in a
single direction.
9 dBi Indoor/Outdoor Omni-directional Antenna
The ANT2409 indoor/outdoor antenna provides extended point-to multi-point coverage for wireless 802.11b or 802.11g
devices. Optimal for medium range indoor or outdoor point-to-multi-point applications. Included lightning arrestor
(a $90 value) helps prevent damage due to lightning-induced surges or static electricity in outdoor applications. Typically
hung from crossbars of drop ceilings or on a rooftop, the waterproof and UV resistant ANT2409 includes wall and pole
mounting materials for installation ease, antenna cable and grounding cable not included.
5 dBi Omni-directional Antenna
The ANT24O5 indoor omni-directional** antenna is designed to extend coverage of wireless 802.11b or 802.11g devices.
This antenna is especially useful in optimizing coverage when you want to place your wireless access point or router out of
plain view – in a wiring closet or above a ceiling pad. Locate this antenna at the top of a cubicle, on a ceiling, desktop or
wall, where it is more receptive to radio signals. Ideal placement is on a wall, 2 m high, or on the ceiling facing the area to
cover. Includes mounting brackets, cable sold separately.***
** Omni-directional: Radiates radio-frequency energy equally in all directions for widespread, all-points deployment.
***NETGEAR recommends use of antenna cable up to 5 m long with the ANT24O5 antenna.
500 mW Power Booster****
The 500-milliwatt bi-directional power booster increases the transmission signal from an average 50 mW to 500 mW
and amplifies the signal by 10 dB (10 times) in receive mode. It is used to enable a single access point device to cover a
larger area. Consisting of a bi-directional amplifier, 500 mW (+27 dBm) in transmit mode for +5 to +15 dBm input, it
provides 10 dB gain in receive mode. It can also be used to fully compensate for the loss of long antenna cables without
any reduction of performance, and permits one to position an antenna at a greater distance from a wireless node. Used in
conjunction with a high gain antenna, such as the 18 dBi ANT24D18, it can provide very high outdoor range – up to 120
km or about 74 miles. Easy to install, no configuration required; includes ceiling/wall mount bracket, cable sold separately.
**** NETGEAR has approved this product for use in the United States only. As per FCC regulations, the ANT24BNA booster is sold
as part of a transmission system which includes the ME103 802.11b ProSafe Wireless Access Point and the NETGEAR 3m cable
(ACC-10314-02). This product may only be ordered as part of a bundle p/n: ME103BDL1NA. Use of the ANT24BNA with any other
products is strictly prohibited by FCC regulations. Netgear expressly disclaims the implied warranty of merchantability and fitness for a
particular purpose for any damage caused by misuse of the ANT24BNA.
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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - 500 mW Power Booster****

NETGEAR Wireless LAN Antennas and AccessoriesNETGEAR 18 dBi Patch Panel Directional Antenna - ANT24D18NETGEAR 9 dBi Omni-directional Antenna - ANT2409

Page 2 - Antenna - ANT2409

Power Injector for the 500 mW BoosterAn optional accessory for the 500 mW booster, the ANT24BDC power injector provides power through the antenna cabl

Page 3 - NETGEAR Antenna Cables

5 dBi Omni-directional Antenna - ANT24O5Technical SpecificationsDescription: 5 dBi Omni-directional Antenna Maximum Outdoor Range3: 790m (863.95 yds)F

Page 4 - Technical Specifications

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