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Rev 2.1 Jun.10 1
Sierra Wireless AirCard Watcher Help for
Mac OS X
Sierra Wireless AirCard Watcher
allows you to manage and monitor
the connection between your modem and the network. With Watcher,
you can:
Determine signal strength, roaming status, high-speed data avail-
ability, and other network connection parameters
Initiate and end data calls
Send and receive SMS messages
Manage profiles
Use GPS Monitor to track your position
Note: Depending on your device and your service provider, some of the
features described in this document may not be available.
Install Watcher
To install Watcher:
1. Insert the modem into a USB slot on your computer.
2. Double-click the installer package and follow the on-screen
3. When instructed to do so, restart your computer.
Mac OS X 10.5 and later
1. When your computer detects the modem, the message "New
network interfaces have been detected" appears.
2. Click the
Network Preferences... button.
3. In the Network window, click Apply.
Mac OS X 10.4.11
1. After your computer restarts, go to Applications > System
Preferences > Network
. The New Port Detected pop-up window
opens on top of the network window.
2. Click
3. Click
Apply and then close the window.
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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - Mac OS X

Rev 2.1 Jun.10 1Sierra Wireless AirCard Watcher Help for Mac OS XSierra Wireless AirCard Watcher® allows you to manage and monitor the connection bet

Page 2 - Upgrade Watcher

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Page 4 - Set preferences

Watcher Help for Mac OS X12 2131163Troubleshooting tipsIf you experience a problem with your modem or the Watcher software, check the status of the LE

Page 5 - Manage profiles

Rev 2.1 Jun.10 13Incorrect SIMWatcher displays this message if the modem and SIM are incompatible. The most likely reason for this is that the modem

Page 6 - Edit a profile

Watcher Help for Mac OS X© 2010 Sierra Wireless. All rights reserved.Watcher® is a trademark of Sierra Wireless, registered in the European Community.

Page 7 - Network settings

Watcher Help for Mac OS X2 2131163Launch WatcherTo launch Watcher:1. Navigate to Applications > Sierra Wireless > AirCard Watcher.2. Double-clic

Page 8 - SIM Security

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Page 9 - Send and receive SMS messages

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Page 10 - GPS Monitor

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Page 11 - Setting GPS Preferences

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Page 12 - Troubleshooting tips

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Page 13 - New PIN fields and

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Page 14 - Proceed

Rev 2.1 Jun.10 9Note: If SIM security is enabled and you fail to enter the correct PIN number within the desig-nated number of attempts, your SIM car

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