Netgear GA511 Installation Guide

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NETGEAR 10/100/1000 Mbps Gigabit CardBus Adapter GA511
Start Here
Before you begin installation, check the Package Contents section in your Reference
Manual located on your NETGEAR Adapter Resource CD. Advanced configuration
options are also covered in the Reference Manual.
Estimated Completion Time: 15 minutes.
Verify that System Requiremets are Met
Before installing the GA511, please make sure that your computer meets the following
minimum system requirements:
A notebook PC with a Pentium
300 MHz or higher compatible processor with an
available CardBus slot
A CD-ROM drive
64 MB of memory
At least 5 MB of disk space
Windows Vista, XP Home, Windows XP Professional, 2000, Me, 98SE (2nd edition),
Windows 2000 Professional, Windows 2000 Server, or Windows 2000 Advanced
Server. Some versions of Windows may ask for the Windows operating system
installation files to complete the installation of the GA511 driver software.
Important Vista Users! If you are installing the GA511 on a system running Windows
Vista, install the GA511 Gigabit CardBus Adapter first, as shown in Step 2a., and restart
your computer. Then, install the GA511 software, as shown in Step 1 (a through e).
Install the GA511 Gigabit CardBus Adapter
1. First, install the GA511 software.
a. Power on your notebook, let the operating system boot up completely, and log in
as needed.
b. Insert the NETGEAR Adapter Resource CD into your CD-ROM drive. The
Adapter Resource CD main page will load.
c. From the Windows Start menu, select Run. The Run dialog box opens.
d. Enter the path to the GA511 setup.exe file on the CD. For example, if your
CD-ROM is drive D, enter D:\GA511\setup as the path. Then, click OK.
e. Follow the InstallShield Wizard steps. Click Finish when done. Remove the
NETGEAR Adapter Resource CD. If prompted, restart your computer.
Now, the GA511 driver and utility software are installed.
2. Next, install the GA511 Gigabit CardBus Adapter.
a. Locate an available CardBus slot on the side of your notebook. Hold the PC Card
with the NETGEAR logo facing up and insert it into the CardBus slot.
Note: Do not use excessive force, but make sure the card is fully inserted into the slot.
b. Follow the Found New Hardware Wizard steps.
c. Accept the Install the software automatically setting, and click Next to
Note: If Windows Vista, XP or 2000 displays a Windows XP Logo Testing or a
Digital Signature Not Found warning, click Continue Anyway or Yes to proceed.
d. Click Finish to complete the installation. If prompted to restart your computer,
power down and restart the notebook. You will see the GA511 Smart Wizard icon
in the system tray on the lower right side of the Windows task bar.
3. Now, configure the GA511.
a. Double-click the connection icon in the Windows system tray to open the
Windows network connection page.
If the connection icon is not visible, you can change the connection properties by
going to Start > Control Panel > Network Connections.
b. Double-click on the NETGEAR GA511 Gigabit CardBus Adapter connection.
c. Click Configure.
d. Click Properties and configure the GA511 according to your network
For assistance with configuring the network settings, please see the networking
tutorials on the NETGEAR Adapter Resource CD.
4. Finally, verify network connectivity.
a. Click the GA511 Smart Wizard icon on the lower right side of the
Windows task bar.
b. Verify that the GA511 status information matches your network.
Note: If you are unable to connect, see the the Troubleshooting section below or the
troubleshooting tips in the Reference Manual on the NETGEAR Adapter Resource CD.
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