Netgear Computer Hardware 5200 User Manual

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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - ReadyDATA 5200

350 East Plumeria DriveSan Jose, CA 95134USADecember 2012202-11024-03ReadyDATA 5200Hardware Manual

Page 2 - Trademarks

Getting Started10NETGEAR ReadyDATA 5200 7. Press and release the Reset button to scroll through the boot menu options.Watch the blink pattern of the p

Page 3 - Table of Contents

Getting Started11 NETGEAR ReadyDATA 5200Factory SettingsThe following table lists factory settings for the ReadyDATA 5200.Table 2. Factory settings F

Page 4

Getting Started12NETGEAR ReadyDATA 5200 Technical SpecificationsThe following table lists the technical specifications for the ReadyDATA 5200. Table 3

Page 5

1322. Expansion Disk ArraysThis chapter describes physical features of the EDA2000 and EDA4000, which are optional expansion disk arrays you can use

Page 6

Expansion Disk Arrays14NETGEAR ReadyDATA 5200 Front PanelThe following figure shows the front panel of the EDA2000 (2U expansion disk array), top, and

Page 7 - Status and Shutdown

Expansion Disk Arrays15 NETGEAR ReadyDATA 5200The following figure shows the control panels in more detail. 1234567812367485Figure 7. EDA2000 and EDA4

Page 8

Expansion Disk Arrays16NETGEAR ReadyDATA 5200 For more information about adding and replacing disk drives, see Add a Disk on page 23 and Replace a Dis

Page 9 - Boot Menu

Expansion Disk Arrays17 NETGEAR ReadyDATA 5200Status InformationThe status indicators on the EDA2000 and EDA4000 are the same as on the ReadyDATA 5200

Page 10 - NETGEAR ReadyDATA 5200

Expansion Disk Arrays18NETGEAR ReadyDATA 5200 The following table lists the technical specifications for the EDA4000.Table 5. EDA4000 technical speci

Page 11 - Factory Settings

1933. MaintenanceThis chapter describes how to perform maintenance activities like adding disks and replacing disks and system components. It includ

Page 12 - Technical Specifications

2NETGEAR ReadyDATA 5200 SupportThank you for selecting NETGEAR products. After installing your device, locate the serial number on the label of your p

Page 13 - Expansion Disk Arrays

Maintenance20NETGEAR ReadyDATA 5200 Front BezelThe ReadyDATA 5200, EDA2000, and EDA4000 come with a front bezel that protects the drive bays with a lo

Page 14 - Front Panel

Maintenance21 NETGEAR ReadyDATA 5200 To remove the front bezel:1. If the bezel is locked, unlock it.2. Push the release latch on the left side of the

Page 15 - NETGEAR ReadyDATA 5200

Maintenance22NETGEAR ReadyDATA 5200 DisksThe ReadyDATA 5200 does not recognize non-NETGEAR disks. In addition, if you use non-NETGEAR disks, Dashboard

Page 16 - Rear Panel

Maintenance23 NETGEAR ReadyDATA 5200Add a DiskYou can add a hard disk to an empty disk bay. You do not need to shut down your unit before adding a dis

Page 17 - Status Information

Maintenance24NETGEAR ReadyDATA 5200 3. Turn the disk over and remove the metal plate from the drive tray.4. (Optional) Depending on the thickness of t

Page 18

Maintenance25 NETGEAR ReadyDATA 52006. Align the screw holes on the disk drive with the screw holes on the metal tabs and install the screws to fasten

Page 19 - Maintenance

Maintenance26NETGEAR ReadyDATA 5200  To add a 3.5-inch disk:1. Pull the disk tray release switch. The tray handle pops out. 12 1. Disk tray handle2.

Page 20 - Front Bezel

Maintenance27 NETGEAR ReadyDATA 5200Replace a DiskIf a disk fails, your system provides email alerts and status messages about the need to replace a d

Page 21 - 3. Pull the bezel toward you

Maintenance28NETGEAR ReadyDATA 5200 4. Remove the screws that hold the disk drive to the metal tabs and remove the old disk drive.5. Replace the disk

Page 22 - Failed Disk Notification

Maintenance29 NETGEAR ReadyDATA 5200 To replace a 3.5-inch disk:1. If a disk failed, scan disk LEDs on the disk bays to identify the failed disk.2. P

Page 23 - Add a Disk

3Table of ContentsChapter 1 Getting StartedFront Panel. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Page 24

Maintenance30NETGEAR ReadyDATA 5200 System ComponentsYou can replace system components on your ReadyDATA 5200, EDA2000, or EDA4000.Power SupplyIf eith

Page 25

Maintenance31 NETGEAR ReadyDATA 5200WARNING:Ensure that the chassis cover is in place when the system is operating to allow proper cooling. Out-of-war

Page 26 -  To add a 3.5-inch disk:

Maintenance32NETGEAR ReadyDATA 5200 BatteryYour system uses a CR2032 battery. Dispose of used batteries according to the manufacturer’s instructions.D

Page 27 - Replace a Disk

33AA. Warnings and PrecautionsThis appendix contains safety warnings and precautions for the ReadyDATA 5200 . It includes the following sections:• S

Page 28

Warnings and Precautions34NETGEAR ReadyDATA 5200Safety Warnings1. The equipment is certified for installation only by trained personnel, according to

Page 29 -  To replace a 3.5-inch disk:

Warnings and Precautions35NETGEAR ReadyDATA 5200• Do not use mats designed to decrease static electrical discharge as protection from electrical shock

Page 30 - System Components

Warnings and Precautions36NETGEAR ReadyDATA 5200Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) PrecautionsElectrostatic discharge is generated by two objects with diff

Page 31 -  To replace a fan:

37BB. Notification of ComplianceRegulatory Compliance InformationThis section includes user requirements for operating this product in accordance wi

Page 32 -  To replace the battery:

Notification of Compliance38NETGEAR ReadyDATA 5200FCC Declaration Of ConformityWe, NETGEAR, Inc., 350 East Plumeria Drive, San Jose, CA 95134, declare

Page 33 - Warnings and Precautions

411. Getting StartedCongratulations on your purchase of a NETGEAR® ReadyDATATM 5200. This ReadyDATA 5200 Hardware Manual describes the physical feat

Page 34 - Electrical Safety Precautions

Getting Started5 NETGEAR ReadyDATA 5200Front PanelThe following figure shows the front panel of the ReadyDATA 5200 with the optional front bezel remov

Page 35 - General Safety Precautions

Getting Started6NETGEAR ReadyDATA 5200 Each drive bay features a latch that releases the pop-out tray handle, as shown in the following figure.12Figur

Page 36

Getting Started7 NETGEAR ReadyDATA 5200Rear PanelThe following figure shows the rear panel of the ReadyDATA 5200. 123 456789Figure 5. ReadyDATA 5200 r

Page 37 - Notification of Compliance

Getting Started8NETGEAR ReadyDATA 5200 You can shut down your unit in these ways:• Using the Power button:• Preferred shutdown. Press the Power button

Page 38 - FCC Declaration Of Conformity

Getting Started9 NETGEAR ReadyDATA 5200Boot MenuUse the boot menu to restart or troubleshoot your ReadyDATA 5200. It has the following boot modes:• No

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