Netgear AirCard 785 Retail unlocked Quick Start Guide

Browse online or download Quick Start Guide for Cellular wireless network equipment Netgear AirCard 785 Retail unlocked. Netgear AirCard 785 Retail unlocked Quick Start Guide User Manual

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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - Quick Start

Quick StartAirCard 785Mobile Hotspot

Page 2 - Meet Your Hotspot

103. Enter the administrator login password.The default password is password.The hotspot web page displays.4. Select WiFi > Options. The WiFi opt

Page 3 - LCD Screen

11Connect DevicesYou can add devices to your network using a WiFi network manager or WPS if the device has WPS capability.Note: WPS enables you to co

Page 4

12 ¾ To connect with devices using WPS:1. Press the Power or Navigation button to awaken the LCD screen.2. Press the Navigation button until WPS set

Page 5 - Set Up Your Hotspot

13Monitor Data UsageYou can monitor data usage using either the LCD screen or the web page. Visit the hotspot web page to configure your monthly data u

Page 6

14Frequently Asked QuestionsShould I change my access point name (APN)?You do not need to change or set up your APN if your mobile broadband service i

Page 7

15What do I do if I changed the WiFi password or administrator login password and then forgot it?Reset the hotspot to the factory defaults. To reset t

Page 8 - Hotspot Web Page

16Note: If you do not see the data activity icons , your hotspot is not connected to the Internet.If your hotspot is not connected to the Internet,

Page 9 - Change Security Settings

17AccessoriesThe availability of the following accessories varies depending on your market:Ethernet and antenna charging cradle. A cradle provides in-

Page 10

18Technical SpecificationsTechnical SpecificationsNetwork and band frequency LTE TDD. Band 40 (2300 MHz)3G WCDMA. 2100 MHz2G GSM. 900/1800 MHzWiFi conn

Page 11 - Connect Devices

19NETGEAR AirCard App Download the complimentary mobile app from Use this app to view your hotspot’s settings, connec

Page 12

2Meet Your HotspotBefore you connect your hotspot, familiarize yourself with its LCD screen, icons, buttons, and connectors.Buttons and ConnectorsStat

Page 13 - Monitor Data Usage

NETGEAR, Inc.350 East Plumeria DriveSan Jose, CA 95134, USASupportThank you for purchasing this NETGEAR product. Aer installing your device, locate t

Page 14 - Frequently Asked Questions

3Navigation ButtonPress the Navigation button to cycle through the LCD screens.Power ButtonPress and hold the Power button for two seconds to power th

Page 15

4Icon Description1 bar. The hotspot signal is weak.5 bars. The hotspot signal is strong.Available network technology; varies by service provider cover

Page 16

5Set Up Your HotspotBefore you connect to your hotspot, you must insert a micro-SIM card, power up the hotspot, and charge your battery. Note: To obt

Page 17 - Accessories

64. Ensure that the micro-SIM card is seated securely.5. Reinstall the battery.If the battery does not install easily, check the orientation.6. Rep

Page 18 - Technical Specifications

7• For tablets, look for a settings option.3. Select the WiFi name displayed on your LCD screen.4. Enter the WiFi password exactly as it appears on

Page 19 - NETGEAR AirCard App

8Hotspot Web PageOn the hotspot web page, you can do the following:• Change the WiFi SSID, WiFi password, admin password, and WiFi encryption• Set a

Page 20 - Trademarks

9Change Security SettingsThe WiFi network name and admin password provide security. Your mobile hotspot comes with a randomly generated and secured Wi

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