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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - Zing Mobile Hotspot™

NETGEAR® Zing Mobile Hotspot™ User Guide ©2013 Sprint. Sprint and the logo are trademarks of Sprint. Other marks are trademarks of their respective

Page 2 - Table of Contents

Top View Back View (Battery Cover Removed) Package Contents Your package includes several items. ● NETGEAR Zing Mobile Hotspot ● Battery cover

Page 3

The following information is displayed. Item Description Connect with us Facebook Click to view the AirCard Facebook page in a new browser window or t

Page 4

Device Settings Use the Zing Manager and your device to configure and manage your device’s appearance, performance, and access. Display Settings Adjus

Page 5

On the Touchscreen 1. Tap > Settings > Display. 2. Tap Screen Timeout. 3. Tap the timeout option you want to set (Timeout on Battery, Timeo

Page 6

Router Settings Adjust your device’s router settings through the Basic, Port Forwarding, and Port Filtering tabs. Enabling VPN Passthrough If you want

Page 7

● TCP/IP settings set to “Obtain an IP address automatically.” ● TCP/IP bound to the Ethernet connection with DHCP. If DHCP is disabled, you must co

Page 8

• Auto — The DNS server specified by Sprint is used. • Manual — The routing hardware assigns DHCP clients the DNS servers specified in the DNS 1 and

Page 9 - Get Started

Note: Port forwarding must currently be enabled. (See Enabling Port Forwarding for an Application.) 1. Log in to the home page. (See Logging In as a

Page 10 - Package Contents

2. Click Settings > Router > Basic. 3. In the DMZ Address, enter the IP address of the computer that you want exposed to the Internet. (If yo

Page 11 - System Requirements

2. Click Settings > Router > Port Filtering. 3. Make sure you’ve enabled the correct port filtering type (Black List or White List). 4. To re

Page 12 - Setting Up Your Device

Configuring Networks Viewing Network Activation Information You can check whether network access is activated. 1. Log in to the home page. (See Loggi

Page 13 - Getting Help

● Micro-SIM (pre-installed) ● Get Started poster ● Recycling envelope Care and Maintenance As with any electronic device, you should handle this de

Page 14 - Visiting the Sprint Website

● The time the current session started. ● The length of time the connection has been active. In the Zing Manager (http://sprinthotspot) The data usa

Page 15 - Device Basics

2. Tap Roaming Mode. 3. Select the desired roaming mode. In the Zing Manager (http://sprinthotspot) 1. Log in to the home page. (See Logging In as

Page 16 - GSM, 3G, and LTE Networks

● LTE only – The connection can be established only on an LTE network. Your device will not connect to CDMA or GSM networks. ● CDMA only – The conne

Page 17 - Battery

4. Click the beside the new APN entry. To select the APN to be used: 1. Select the Active button at the beginning of the entry. To remove an APN f

Page 18 - Installing the Battery

Software and Reset Exporting and Importing Settings The NETGEAR Zing Mobile Hotspot lets you save your device settings so that you can make changes to

Page 19 - Charging the Battery

The updates may improve performance and add or modify features. The updates may include the following: ● Device firmware ● The Zing Manager interfac

Page 20

In the Zing Manager (http://sprinthotspot) There are two ways to get the software update from the web page. You can get it from the Alert message, or

Page 21

On the Touchscreen 1. Tap > Settings > Reset. 2. Tap Clear Programming. 3. Tap Continue Reset. 4. Tap Begin Reset. In the Zing Manager (ht

Page 22 - Power Button

Resetting to Factory Default Settings In some cases you will need to reset your device’s software to its factory default settings. WARNING: If you re

Page 23 - Restarting Your Device

GPS Settings Your NETGEAR Zing Mobile Hotspot provides GPS functionality to help you figure out where you are and get you where you’re going. There a

Page 24 - Device Tutorial

Setting Up Your Device The following topics describe how to set up and start using your device. Device Setup This section describes how to set up your

Page 25 - Micro-SIM

● Periodically (“continuous”) You can set the GPS mode on your device’s GPS screen, or the Zing Manager’s GPS page: On the Touchscreen 1. Tap >

Page 26 - Your Network Connection

Configuring the Wi-Fi Network Setting the Maximum Number of Wi-Fi Devices If your network is having performance issues, you might want to decrease the

Page 27

Note: The Main Wi-Fi limit cannot be set to 0. 5. Click Submit. Wi-Fi Security Learn about the various Wi-Fi security options available to you. By d

Page 28 - Sharing Your Connection

WPA2. Open WEP uses the key for encryption, but not for authentication. • WEP 128 Bit – Shared – This option provides security, but it’s relatively

Page 29 - Connecting Through WPS

To make your Wi-Fi passwords more secure: ● Use numbers and both uppercase and lowercase letters. ● Use special characters (for example, ‘@’, ‘#’, e

Page 30

3. In the Main Wi-Fi and Guest Wi-Fi sections, change the Network Name and Password fields as desired. (The required lengths appear beneath the field

Page 31

• Num/Sym – Switch to the numbers (0 to 9) and symbols (‘!’, ‘@’, ‘#’, etc.) character set. • ABC – Switch to the alphabet (a to z, A to Z) char

Page 32 - Connecting Through USB

3. Beside Wi-Fi Info on Home, select Show or Hide. 4. Click Submit. Enable / Disable the Block List You can enable your NETGEAR Zing Mobile Hotspot’

Page 33 - Windows

3. Tap Block Device. 4. Tap Continue Block. In the Zing Manager (http://sprinthotspot) 1. Log in to the home page. (See Logging In as an Administra

Page 34 - TRU-Install

Allowing or Denying Computers Access to the Network (MAC Filter) MAC (Media Access Control) filtering can prevent unauthorized wireless devices from c

Page 35 - LCD Touchscreen Interface

• Tap the arrow beside Wi-Fi name. See Using the LCD Keyboard. • Tap the arrow beside Wi-Fi password. See Using the LCD Keyboard. 5. When you a

Page 36 - LCD Information Screens

4. Determine and block an undesired user of your network: a. In the Devices Connected section, if you see a device you don’t recognize, you can clic

Page 37 - Data Usage Screen

On the Touchscreen 1. Tap > Wi-Fi > Options. 2. Tap USB Tether. 3. Select Wi-Fi stays Off. In the Zing Manager (http://sprinthotspot) 1. L

Page 38 - Session Screen

You can change the channel from your device’s Wi-Fi Options screen, or the Zing Manager’s Wi-Fi Options page. Note: All connected devices will be dis

Page 39 - Connected Devices Screen

Frequently Asked Questions Find out answers to questions you may have. How Can I Tell I’m Connected to GSM, 3G or LTE? There are a few ways you can te

Page 40 - Device Screen

2. Select the Wi-Fi network provided by the NETGEAR Zing Mobile Hotspot and connect to it. (If prompted for a network key/security key/password, ente

Page 41 - Wi-Fi Screen

What Do I Do if I Forget the Administrator Password? Here’s what to do if you forgot the Administrator Password. 1. Reset the software to default set

Page 42 - Main Wi-Fi Screen

2. Determine the COM port number that your NETGEAR device (that is, your NETGEAR Zing Mobile Hotspot) is using. In the following example for Windows,

Page 43 - WPS Screen

How Do I Access My Corporate Network Through a VPN? Once you complete a wireless connection, you may need to launch an extranet client provided by you

Page 44 - Wi-Fi Options Screen

Tips This section provides information on getting the most out of your device and your network connection. Extending Battery Life There are several wa

Page 45 - Block List Screen

● Make sure you’re inside a network coverage area. ● Try reorienting your device. ● Move your device and your computer to another location — you ma

Page 46 - Settings Screen

Visiting the Sprint Website Sign on to to get up-to-date information on Sprint services and options. ● Review coverage maps. ● Access you

Page 47 - Display Screen

● Check whether any device updates are available. (See Update Mobile Hotspot Software and Firmware.) ● See the tips in Improving Signal Strength. ●

Page 48 - Display > Timeout Screen

Note: The above settings are often controlled by 3rd-party value-add applications and may be automatically changed. If Wi-Fi performance improves fo

Page 49 - Network Screen

2. Select Network. 3. Select the adapter that is connecting to the routing hardware. 4. Select Advanced. 5. Select Ethernet. The Ethernet ID is li

Page 50 - Status Screen

Troubleshooting Learn about various troubleshooting tips, and what to do when a specific message is displayed. General Tips Here are some general tips

Page 51

● You are in or near a structure that is blocking the signal. ● You are near a device that is causing radio signal interference. ● A network or acc

Page 52 - Sleep Screen

Cannot Display the Home Page Your Web browser may display an error message when you try to display the home page. The error message depends on your We

Page 53 - GPS Screen

● Check your Web browser settings: 1. Open the Control Panel in Windows. 2. Double-click Internet Options. 3. From the Security tab, restore the d

Page 54 - More Screen

For best results, minimize the number of obstructions between your device and the GPS satellites. Cannot Check for Updates Make sure your device is co

Page 55 - Support Screen

Technical Specifications This section lists the electrical, radio frequency, and other parameters of your device for those who require technical infor

Page 56 - About Screen

LTE: - Band 25: 1930-1995 MHz - Band 26: 859-894 MHz - Band 41 (TDD): 2496-2690 MHz UMTS/HSPA+: - Band 1: 2110-2170 MHz - Band 2: 1930-1990 MHz -

Page 57 - Feedback Screen

Device Basics Learn about the buttons, connectors, and other components of your NETGEAR Zing Mobile Hotspot. Your device provides a simple way to use

Page 58 - Alerts Screen

PRL (Preferred Roaming List) Supported Authentication Supported Voice Not supported NAM Single Position Location Standalone TTY/Accessibility Not supp

Page 59 - Home Page

Safety Information Read important safety information about your device. Important Notice Due to the nature of wireless communications, transmission an

Page 60

● Do not open, disassemble, puncture, crush, bend, or shred. ● Do not expose to water or other liquids, fire, explosion, or other hazards. ● Use th

Page 61

Regulatory Notices This section contains regulatory information for your device. The design of the NETGEAR Zing Mobile Hotspot complies with U.S. Fede

Page 62 - 3. Click Sign In

● Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected. ● Consult the dealer or an experienced r

Page 63 - My Account Summary

Legal This section contains important license and legal information. Patents This product contains technology developed by or for NETGEAR, Inc. This

Page 64 - Status (Connection Details)

To protect your rights, we need to make restrictions that forbid anyone to deny you these rights or to ask you to surrender the rights. These restrict

Page 65

You may charge a fee for the physical act of transferring a copy, and you may at your option offer warranty protection in exchange for a fee. 2. You

Page 66 - Devices Page

The source code for a work means the preferred form of the work for making modifications to it. For an executable work, complete source code means all

Page 67 - Wi-Fi Page

It is not the purpose of this section to induce you to infringe any patents or other property right claims or to contest validity of any such claims;

Page 68 - Options Tab

● Modem: The modem connects your device to the Internet via the best available network (customizable):  LTE – Newer technology, faster speeds compa

Page 69


Page 70

The hypothetical commands ‘show w’ and ‘show c’ should show the appropriate parts of the General Public License. Of course, the commands you use may b

Page 71

To protect your rights, we need to prevent others from denying you these rights or asking you to surrender the rights. Therefore, you have certain res

Page 72 - MAC Filter Tab

To “modify” a work means to copy from or adapt all or part of the work in a fashion requiring copyright permission, other than the making of an exact

Page 73 - GPS Page

work, and the source code for shared libraries and dynamically linked subprograms that the work is specifically designed to require, such as by intima

Page 74

You may charge any price or no price for each copy that you convey, and you may offer support or warranty protection for a fee. 5. Conveying Modified

Page 75

possesses the object code either (1) a copy of the Corresponding Source for all the software in the product that is covered by this License, on a dura

Page 76 - Settings Page

(regardless of how the transaction is characterized), the Corresponding Source conveyed under this section must be accompanied by the Installation Inf

Page 77

e) Declining to grant rights under trademark law for use of some trade names, trademarks, or service marks; or f) Requiring indemnification of licenso

Page 78

peer transmission to receive a copy likewise does not require acceptance. However, nothing other than this License grants you permission to propagate

Page 79 - General > System Logs Tab

Your device can be set to connect automatically to the best available network, or to LTE, 3G, or GSM networks only. See Setting the Allowed Network Mo

Page 80 - Network > Preferences Tab

If you convey a covered work, knowingly relying on a patent license, and the Corresponding Source of the work is not available for anyone to copy, fre

Page 81

continue to apply to the part which is the covered work, but the special requirements of the GNU Affero General Public License, section 13, concerning

Page 82

17. Interpretation of Sections 15 and 16. If the disclaimer of warranty and limitation of liability provided above cannot be given local legal effect

Page 83

The hypothetical commands `show w' and `show c' should show the appropriate parts of the General Public License. Of course, your program&apo

Page 84

To protect your rights, we need to make restrictions that forbid distributors to deny you these rights or to ask you to surrender these rights. These

Page 85

In other cases, permission to use a particular library in non-free programs enables a greater number of people to use a large body of free software. F

Page 86 - 4G/LTE Details

You may charge a fee for the physical act of transferring a copy, and you may at your option offer warranty protection in exchange for a fee. 2. You m

Page 87 - 3G Details

appeared, then you can specify that version instead if you wish.) Do not make any other change in these notices. Once this change is made in a given c

Page 88 - Router > Basic Tab

6. As an exception to the Sections above, you may also combine or link a "work that uses the Library" with the Library to produce a work con

Page 89

7. You may place library facilities that are a work based on the Library side-by-side in a single library together with other library facilities not c

Page 90

Installing the Battery Before you use your device, install the battery. 1. At antenna connector 1 or antenna connector 2, lift the raised edge of the

Page 91

It is not the purpose of this section to induce you to infringe any patents or other property right claims or to contest validity of any such claims;

Page 92


Page 93

the Combined Work from the Application, but excluding the System Libraries of the Combined Work. 1. Exception to Section 3 of the GNU GPL. You may con

Page 94 - Support Page

d) Do one of the following: 0) Convey the Minimal Corresponding Source under the terms of this License, and the Corresponding Application Code in a fo

Page 95

License, you may choose any version of the GNU Lesser General Public License ever published by the Free Software Foundation. If the Library as you rec

Page 96 - About Page

libxml2 License Except where otherwise noted in the source code (e.g. the files hash.c, list.c and the trio files, which are covered by a similar lice

Page 97

list.c License list.c: lists handling implementation Copyright (C) 2000 Gary Pennington and Daniel Veillard. Permission to use, copy, modify, and dist

Page 98


Page 99 - Feedback Page

The mrouted program is covered by the license in the accompanying file named "LICENSE.mrouted". The mrouted program is COPYRIGHT 1989 by The

Page 100

Copyright 1995-2003 by Internet Software Consortium Permission to use, copy, modify, and/or distribute this software for any purpose with or without

Page 101 - Device Settings

3. Replace the battery cover. Charging the Battery You need to recharge your device’s battery periodically. You can continue using your device whil

Page 102 - Setting the LCD Brightness


Page 103 - Router Settings

“This product includes cryptographic software written by Eric Young (” The word ‘cryptographic’ can be left out if the routines fr

Page 104 - DNS Mode

Copyright ©2013 Sprint. All rights reserved. No reproduction in whole or in part without prior written approval. Limitation of Liability The informati

Page 105 - Enabling Port Forwarding

Index 3G Cannot connect, 138 Coverage type, 79 Ec/Io of network connection, 79 Network service, improving, 131 Overview, 8 RSCP of network connection,

Page 106 - Enabling DMZ

Charging, 11 Extending battery life, 130 Icons, meaning, 13 Installing, 10 Location, 2 Overview, 9 Proper use and disposal, 143 Specifications, 140 St

Page 107

Main Wi-Fi, maximum, 62 Maximum number, 62 Connected Devices screen, 31 Connecting the device to your computer USB, 24 Wi-Fi, 125 Connection 3G networ

Page 108 - Login Settings

Value, 79 Dimensions of device, 142 Disable GPS, 111 Wi-Fi when tethered, 122 Disconnect from mobile network, button, 57 Display Blocked devices, 119

Page 109 - Configuring Networks

FTP server, accessing, 84 Full charge, time required, 140 Gaming, Internet, 84 General Public License, GNU, 147 Get a location fix, 45 GNU General Pub

Page 110 - Network Settings

Phone number, 48 Settings, resetting, 109 Settings, restoring, 106 Settings, saving, 106 USB address when tethered, 82 HotspotPhone number, 48 HRPD Ec

Page 111 - On the Touchscreen

LCD brightness Set in Zing Manager, 69 Set, on LCD, 39 Lease time, DHCP, 82, 96 LED Colors, 142 Indicator, 16 Turn on/off, 93 Turn on/off, in Zing Man

Page 112

Table of Contents Get Started ...

Page 113

2. Insert the other end of the cable into the micro-USB port on the side of your device. 3. Insert the AC charger into an electrical outlet. (If the

Page 114 - Software and Reset

Mobile Apps screen, 49 Mobile broadband Connection details, 77 Network connection status, 43 Overview, 8 settings, 8 Signal strength, 9 Mobile Directo

Page 115 - Downloading Software Updates

Adding application to list, 99 Description, 84 Disabling for an application, 99 Enable/disable, 86 Enabling, 99 Port Filtering tab, 84 Port forwarding

Page 116 - Resetting Your Device

Subnet mask, 81 RSCP, 43, 80 RSRP, 43 RSRP, 78 RSRQ, 43 RSRQ, 78 RSSI, 43, 79 Improving, 130 Insufficient, 135 RSSI, 43 RSSI, 80 RS-SINR, 43 LTE, 78 R

Page 117

Standard units Use for GPS, 67 Standard units for GPS, 112 Standby current, 140 Standby timer for Wi-Fi, set In Zing Manager, 69 On LCD, 45 Status Con

Page 118

Twitter link, 92 TX Frequencies, 140 Power, 43 Power, 4G LTE, 43 Power, LTE, 78 Unblock devices, 120 Unblock devices, 32 Universal Plug and Play. See

Page 119 - GPS Settings

Network password, main, 89 Number of devices currently connected, 89 Password, forgot, 126 Performance, improving, 131 Security, 114 Security and encr

Page 120 - Using Metric Units

prevent a computer shutdown. You can continue with your work. To prevent this message from being displayed, install the device driver. 1. Make sure y

Page 121

The battery’s life is affected by the following conditions, some of which can be adjusted from your device and from the web page: ● Standby time (See

Page 122 - Wi-Fi Security

2. If the LCD is blank, press and hold the Power button until the screen lights up. Turning Your Device Off 1. Press and hold the Power button unt

Page 123

LED The LED status indicator shows the hotspot’s connection status. ● Blue single blink – Device is connected to network and Wi-Fi is ready. ● Blue

Page 124

LCD Touchscreen The LCD has several icons that help you determine the status of your device and its connections, and links to screens that let you con

Page 125 - Using the LCD Keyboard

Your Network Connection Find out how to launch, share, and end your network connection. Launching Your Network Connection After your device powers on

Page 126

2. Tap Turn on Guest Wi-Fi. A message shows the Guest Wi-Fi network name and password that your temporary user can use. 3. Tap to close the messag

Page 127

Tap Random to use a new Guest Wi-Fi password each time Guest Wi-Fi is turned on. In the Zing Manager (http://sprinthotspot) 1. Make sure you’re logge

Page 128

Connecting Through WPS Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) provides a fast, simple, and secure way to connect WPS-enabled devices to your Wi-Fi network. You d

Page 129 - Filter)

Your Network Connection ...18 Launching Your Net

Page 130

On the Touchscreen 1. Tap > Wi-Fi > WPS. 2. Tap either Pair with Main Wi-Fi or Pair with Guest Wi-Fi. Note: If a Pair button is gray, t

Page 131 - Wi-Fi Channel

2. Click Wi-Fi. 3. Below the Main Wi-Fi or Guest Wi-Fi sections, click WPS. 4. Perform one of the following, depending on whether the Wi-Fi device

Page 132

Connecting Through USB Use the micro-USB cable (included) to connect your device to your computer. Note: If you’ll be using USB for to connect to

Page 133 - Frequently Asked Questions

Note: If you’ll be using USB for data transfer (and not just for charging your device), you must install the device driver. (See “Windows” or “Mac”

Page 134 - Password?

Mac To install the device driver on Mac: 1. Make sure your device is turned on. 2. Connect your device to your computer through the micro-USB cable.

Page 135 - Questions About GPS

LCD Touchscreen Interface Access your device and connection information, and configure device settings from the LCD touchscreen interface. If the LCD

Page 136 - Questions About WPS

7 Battery status (See Battery Information and Settings.) 8 Roaming indicator – When device is roaming, a triangle appears in the Signal strength icon,

Page 137

Data Usage Screen The Data Usage screen links to two screens that show data usage details for the current session and for the current plan billing cyc

Page 138 - Improving Signal Strength

Billing Cycle Screen The Billing Cycle screen shows estimated data usage details for the current billing cycle. Item Description Left Data amount st

Page 139 - Improving Wi-Fi Performance

Connected Devices Screen The Connected Devices screen shows a list of all devices that are currently connected to the Main or Guest Wi-Fi networks. 1.

Page 140

Updates Screen ...44 Sleep Screen ...

Page 141 - Finding the MAC Address

Connected devices can also be seen in the Zing Manager. See Connection Details. See also Displaying and Blocking Currently Connected Devices (Block L

Page 142 - Finding the IP Address

Wi-Fi Screen The Wi-Fi screen links to screens that configure the Main and Guest Wi-Fi networks. 1. Tap > Wi-Fi. 2. From the Wi-Fi screen, yo

Page 143 - Troubleshooting

Options Configure the Wi-Fi radio options. See Wi-Fi Options Screen. Block List Turn the block list on to prevent specific devices from connecting to

Page 144 - Cannot Connect Through USB

Guest Wi-Fi Screen The Guest Wi-Fi screen shows the Guest Wi-Fi network’s name and password, and allows you to turn the Guest Wi-Fi network on or off.

Page 145 - Cannot Display the Home Page

Note: If a Pairing button is gray, pairing is not currently available for that Wi-Fi network. Item Description Pair with Main Wi-Fi Tap to allow a WP

Page 146

Max Wi-Fi Devices Set the total number of devices that can connect to the Main and Guest Wi-Fi networks. Tap the arrow to set the value. See Setting

Page 147 - Cannot Check for Updates

Device names List of devices not allowed to connect to the Wi-Fi networks. Tap the arrow to view device details or unblock the device. See Device Sc

Page 148 - Technical Specifications

Sleep Set the Wi-Fi radio to go to sleep if no devices connect after a set period of time. See Sleep Screen and Setting the Sleep (Inactivity) Timer f

Page 149 - Software Specifications

Display > Timeout Screen The Display > Timeout screen lets you set different timeout periods depending on how the device is powered. Item Des

Page 150 - Mechanical Specifications

Network Screen The Network screen shows your current network connection status, and lets you configure your device’s connection mode and roaming optio

Page 151 - Safety Information

Router > Port Forwarding Tab ...83 Router > Port Filtering Tab

Page 152

Roaming Screen The Roaming screen lets you choose where your device can roam, and indicate if warning messages should appear on your device when enter

Page 153 - Regulatory Notices

Item Description Status Status of connection to mobile broadband network (Connected / disconnected). Network Status Network type (GSM, 3G, LTE). Signa

Page 154

Updates Screen The Updates screen let you update your device’s preferred roaming list, and re-run Hands-Free Activation. Item Description Update PR

Page 155 - Licenses

Item Description 5 minutes 5 minutes 15 minutes 60 minutes Turns off the Wi-Fi radio if no devices have been connected for this period of time. (Choos


Reset Screen The Reset screen is used to reset your device to default settings. Item Description Factory Reset Resets your device to factory default

Page 157

Item Description Support Tap the arrow for details on getting customer support, and to view the device tutorial. See Support Screen. About Tap the a

Page 158

About Screen The About screen shows detailed information about your mobile hotspot and account. Item Description MEID The MEID of your hotspot (dis

Page 159 - NO WARRANTY

Firmware Build Date The date the firmware version was created. PRI Version The PRI version for the hotspot’s routing hardware. The PRI (Product Releas

Page 160

Alerts Screen The Alerts screen shows network or device alerts for situations that require your attention. 1. On the home screen, tap the Alerts tab

Page 161 - Preamble

Zing Manager (Browser) Interface Access your device and connection information, and configure device settings from the Zing Manager (browser) interfac


Setting the Allowed Network Mode ... 103 Configuring Access Point Names ...

Page 163

2 Devices page – Click to view the Devices Page. 3 Wi-Fi page – Click to view the Wi-Fi Page. 4 GPS page – Click to view the GPS Page. 5 Settings page

Page 164

● Note: If you’re using the Google Chrome Web browser, after typing in the address bar, press the Down Arrow key and then press t

Page 165

3. Click Sign In. After a period of inactivity, you will be automatically logged off (timeout security feature). Zing Manager (Browser) Interface

Page 166

Data Usage Data usage estimates are shown in the Data Usage section of the home page. Note: Data usage amounts are approximate and should not be u

Page 167

The following information is displayed. Item Description My data plan The type of Sprint data plan used on your hotspot. My number The telephone nu

Page 168

The following information is displayed. Item Description Signal strength and roaming status The more bars, the stronger the signal. A triangle in th

Page 169

Devices Page The Devices page lets you see lists of devices that are connected to your Main and Guest Wi-Fi networks. Note: These lists are also show

Page 170

Wi-Fi Page From the Wi-Fi page, you can configure the Wi-Fi network, including Wi-Fi security. Connect Tab From the Connect tab of the Wi-Fi page, you

Page 171

The following information is displayed. Item Description Main Wi-Fi Name This is the name that identifies your Main Wi-Fi network and is visible to ot

Page 172

2. Click Wi-Fi > Options. You can: ● Edit the Main or Guest Wi-Fi names and passwords. See Change Wi-Fi Network Names and Passwords. ● Limit t

Page 173

What Do I Do if I Forget the Main or Guest Wi-Fi Password? ... 126 What Do I Do if I Forget the Administrator

Page 174

The following information is displayed. Item Description Main Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Name This is the name that identifies your Main Wi-Fi network and is visible

Page 175

USB Tether Choose whether the Wi-Fi radio turns off or stays on when your device is tethered to a computer. See Disable Wi-Fi When Tethering Device (C

Page 176

MAC Filter Tab MAC (Media Access Control) filtering can prevent unauthorized wireless devices from connecting to your network. The MAC filter is used

Page 177

● Add or remove a device from the list. (See “Specifying Computers That Can Access the Network” and “Specifying Computers That Are Not Allowed to Acc

Page 178

2. Click GPS. You can: ● Start or Stop tracking (if GPS Mode is Continuous) ● Update the current location information (if GPS Mode is One-time) N

Page 179

The following information is displayed. Item Description Most recent position fix Update location / Cancel or Start / Stop If the GPS Mode is: ● One

Page 180

Settings Page From the Settings page, you can configure your device, network settings, and router settings. General > Device Tab From the General &


The following information is displayed. Item Description Screen Screen Brightness Set the brightness of the LCD to Bright or Dim. (Use Dim to make you

Page 182

2. Click Settings > General > Software and Reset. You can: ● Backup and restore your hotspot’s configuration, if needed. See Exporting Setti

Page 183

The following information is displayed. Item Description Download / Backup Settings Click Save to make a copy (export) of the hotspot’s current config

Page 184

GPS Doesn’t Seem to Be Available ... 138 Cannot Check for Updates ...

Page 185

2. Click Settings > General > System Logs. You can: ● Enable logging ● Clear logs ● Download logs Network > Preferences Tab From this t

Page 186

2. Click Settings > Network > Preferences. You can: ● Configure network selection and roaming options. ● Check the network for a new Prefer

Page 187

Roaming Guard If selected, the roaming areas where a warning will appear when you enter them. See Enabling / Disabling the Roaming Guard Warning Messa

Page 188 - ISC License

2. Click Settings > Network > APN. To add (or modify) an APN, see Configuring Access Point Names. The list of all APNs that have been set up

Page 189 - OpenSSL License

Authentication The network authentication code (None, PAP, CHAP, PAP or CHAP). Network > SIM Security Tab If you are using a SIM that has security

Page 190 - Original SSLeay License

The following information is displayed. Item Description SIM Security The current state of the SIM PIN feature (Inactive or Active). Click Disable to

Page 191 - Trademarks

The information that is displayed depends on your current connection. 4G/LTE Details Item Description Status Indicates whether you are connected to an

Page 192 - Limitation of Liability

3G Details Item Description Status Indicates whether you are connected to a 3G network. PS service type Indicates the 3G service type (for example, CD

Page 193

Packet Zone ID Technical support staff may request this value from you. Frame Error Rate Used to determine the quality of a signal connection. Technic

Page 194

2. Click Settings > Router > Basic. 3. You can make changes to any of these fields. When you finish, click Submit. The following information

Page 195

Get Started The following topics give you all the information you need to set up your device and Sprint service the first time. Your Device The follow

Page 196

USB IP Address The IP address assigned to the hotspot by the computer to which it is tethered. VPN Passthrough VPN connections are enabled (On) or dis

Page 197

Router > Port Forwarding Tab Port forwarding lets you forward incoming traffic to specific ports and devices (per their local IP address) on your n

Page 198

 Internet users can access a Web, FTP, or email server, or gaming or Internet application hosted by your computer. ● Remove an application from the

Page 199

2. Click Settings > Router > Port Filtering. You can: ● Enable port filtering. (See Port Filtering Panel: Enabling Port Filterings.) ● Add

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The following information is displayed. Item Description Port Filtering Indicates which type of filtering is being used. ● No Filtering – All applica

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2. Click the Support link in the top right corner. The following information is displayed. Item Description User Guide Open an online copy of this

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About Page View information about your device and account. 1. Log in to the home page. (See Logging In as an Administrator.) 2. Click the About link

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MEID The MEID of your device (displayed on the packaging and inside the battery compartment). ICCID The serial number of the SIM. IMEI International M

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Device Model The manufacturer’s name for your device. Zing Manager Version number of the Zing Manager web app. PRL Version Preferred Roaming List vers

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Lifetime Total Transferred The total amount of data sent and received by the hotspot. Network Status View Details Click the link to jump to the Networ

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